What is your sign-off process for publishing information concerning my business?

We recognise that being part of a marketplace means giving up a degree of control on how your business is represented online, so to alleviate these concerns we do three things:

  1. Seller Agreement: we both sign a Seller Agreement before we start working together, which codifies our relationship. There are also clauses in the Agreement around representation so that you have legal coverage in the event of a representation dispute.
  2. Product Sign-off: during your set up, we’ll record a short screen-capture video of a sample product page we’ve set up for you and we’ll talk you through what we’ve done and why. We can also provide the copy if you’d like to read it in more detail. We will request that you review this set up – as all other products will follow exactly the same set up – and give us email confirmation you’re happy with it. If you’d like to suggest changes, you can also do so and we’ll do our best to incorporate them.
  3. Marketing: it’s in both your and our best interest to represent your business in our marketing as professionally and positively as possible. Most of our immigration advisers are happy for us to work under the spirit and guidelines of the Seller Agreement with marketing and promotions, however if you do need or would like advanced oversight of any marketing campaigns featuring your business, please let us know and we’ll make sure you receive campaign materials in good time for review and sign-off.
You’re also free to request any changes to the way your business is represented on Help with my visa! at any time, just send us an email and we’ll get right on it.
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