How does Help with my visa! make money?

We’re a digital marketplace, which means we make money through several different, interrelated channels.

The majority of our revenue comes from a service fee we charge customers and Sellers when buying immigration advice services listed on the marketplace. This fee – which people told us they’d be happy to pay when we asked them in our research – covers the running and investment in growth of the Help with my visa! marketplace. 

We are also looking at more ways to create value for our users so it’s likely the range of ways we make money will evolve as the marketplace grows, but to begin with the primary way is through that service fee.

There will be no doubt more revenue streams we bring online as we grow – we already have several initiatives in the pipeline – and as we bring more value to more people we’ll also make sure we review fees across our portfolio to ensure our partners, Sellers and customers are not paying more than they should.

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