Digital products are great.

You create them once and can then sell them an unlimited number of times with little or even no extra effort.

But what if you provide a service, like immigration advice? That’s a very specialised service where every customer is different. How can you possibly treat it like a digital product?

Glad you asked 🙂

Turning services into digital products

It’s 100% possible benefit from the low-cost and scaleability of digital products by turning your services into digital products. It starts by considering what activities you do to actually run your immigration advice business.

Besides that specialised immigration advice service, you’ll probably spend a good portion of time doing marketing, maintaining a website, handling prospective customer enquiries, scheduling appointments for consultations, raising invoices, chasing payments and following up customers for feedback.

All of these activities are either high-volume, repetitive, low-skill, or a combination of all three. 

That means they’re ripe for turning into digital products.. 

Many professional services firms are doing this to improve their productivity and increase sales, and you can do too. In fact, that’s a major reason why we created Help with my visa! and we aim to make it as easy as possible for you to take advantage of this opportunity

What do my 'digital products' look like?

Here’s what those administrative activities look like when you work with Help with my visa! to turn them into digital products:

  • Marketing: we run digital marketing campaigns that promote your services that are optimised to attract the kind of customers your serve, brining you the ‘right kind’ of new business
  • Website: we host your new ‘digital products’ on the Help with my visa! marketplace and maintain their look-and-feel, content and pricing so that they’re accessible to buy any time of the day or night… and on any device
  • Enquiries: no enquiries, just actual sales, now that we’ve turned the marketing and website parts of your immigration advice service into digital products
  • Scheduling appointments: we give you an appointment booking system to let customers choose a date and time that suits them based on when you’re free, so no more backwards and forwards proposing dates for an initial consultation
  • Raising Invoices: we take payment for the immigration advice service on your behalf at the point of appointment booking, and automatically issue tax-compliant invoices to both you and your customer as soon as the purchase goes through
  • Chasing payments: no more chasing payments, we automatically remit the fees collected on your behalf at an agreed frequency
  • Following up for customer feedback: we automatically send customers a feedback request, with feedback then displayed on your Help with my visa! profile so other prospective customers can see how great your services are

So thinking about how much of your day is spent doing these activities, what would working with Help with my visa! do for your immigration advice business? 

How many extra customers per week does this translate to?

And what does that look like in terms of additional revenue?

But what if my services are complicated to turn into digital products?

Immigration advice services can be complicated but there are several approaches we can take to help you turn your services into digital products so you can take advantage of the benefits of selling through the Help with my visa! marketplace. 

So far we’ve successfully managed to accommodate a number of different product and pricing scenarios to turn more complicated services into digital products.

For example:

  • Pricing based on customer type: charge one price for a lead applicant and different prices for spouses/ partners, dependents or other variations on customer type
  • Discounts for regular customers:  tentatively schedule a booking that needs your confirmation, so you can check if a customer is a regular before we confirm their appointment
  • Time-based pricing: setup product calendars to only show availability on certain days or times, so you can charge different prices for services provided at weekends or evenings compared to during weekday office hours
  • Circumstances-based products and pricing:  use a menu to direct customers to the right product if you have different offerings or prices for circumstances such as customer location, financial situation or other criteria
  • Upsells and cross-sells: added functionality to offer other related products for sale if they’re typically bought together, such as Resident Labour Market Tests alongside Tier 2 Certificates of Sponsorship products

Many of the challenges of turning services into products are logic challenges, and that’s where we provide our technical expertise to make sure your products fit your offerings.

How much does all this cost?

If you’re a registered immigration adviser based in the UK, this will cost you up to 5% of your fee for each sale that we make for you.

There’re no hidden costs.

It doesn’t cost you anything to register with Help with my visa! and we don’t charge any subscriptions fees or commission. 

We only charge a small fee when a sale actually goes through.

So wherever you’re based, turning your services into products through the Help with my visa! is a very effective way of freeing up more of your time to spend with your customers and use a partner to take care of your more administrative activities.

How do I get started?

It’s simple to get started turning your immigration advice services into products with Help with my visa!

You can find out more about the benefits of registering as a Seller with us and start your registration process today by filling out a short form telling us about you and your business and what you’d like to offer for sale through the Help with my visa! marketplace.

We’ll typically be in touch same-day to help guide you through the setup process, which typically takes no more than one week to get you started.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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