In collaboration with Scott’s Visas we offer professional visa services for folks travelling to Russia from the UK.

And we couldn’t have started this service with a better partner, as when it comes to visas for Russia, Scott’s Visas has been the No. 1 choice in the UK since 1991.

That’s a LOT of experience!

russia visa

And Russian visa applications are not easy.

Even if you’re travelling to Russia as a tourist you’ll need official documents from a registered travel agency based in Russia. The same goes for business visas – not just any old letter of invitation will do, it has to be formally issued by an approved body.

And to make things even more complicated, the process has also recently changed in the UK with a new commercial partner now operating the Russia visa application centres.

But you can cut through all the bureaucracy and paperwork by booking an appointment with Scott’s Visas through Help with my visa! and have them fully prepare your Russian visa application, including:

  • Confirming you’re applying for the right type of Russian visa
  • Giving you a detailed supporting document checklist that doesn’t appear on any official Russian embassy or commercial partner website
  • Filling out your Russian visa application form for you
  • Booking an appointment for you at your chosen Russia visa application centre
  • Collecting your passport and returning it to you at the end of the process

Scott’s Visas can also provide you with the official documents you need from approved Russian organisations to make Russian tourist and business visa applications (for an additional fee). They can also accompany you to the London Russia visa application centre if you wish, again, for an additional fee.

We’re extremely pleased to be expanding our services with Scott’s Visas to bring you these Russia visa application services. And if you are planning to travel to Russia in the near future, do make sure you checkout the latest COVID-19 travel advice when travelling to Russia and returning back to the UK.

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Scott’s Visas is an immigration adviser based in London, UK and regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) with registration number F201200519.

Scott’s Visas was founded in 1991, originally specialising in travel to Russia and the other countries of the former Soviet Union. Since then the company has developed three complementary strands:

  • Scott’s Visas offer a fast, reliable visa service for most of the major destinations of the world, including the UK!
  • Scott’s Business Travel caters to the worldwide business travel needs of many organisations, from the smallest to familiar household names.
  • Scott’s Tours continues to provide unique specialist travel services to all our original destinations, and Russia in particular.

Scott’s Visas offers visa and immigration advice services for people seeking visas for dozens of countries, including the UK, China, India, Russia, Nigeria, Canada, USA and more.

Russia visa services on Help with my visa!

Scott’s Visas offers visa services for UK-based travellers to Russia applying for the following Russian visa types:

  • Russia Tourist visa: for people travelling to Russia as a tourist or to participate in short negotiations, exhibitions, auctions, medical consultations or surveys
  • Russia Business visa: for people travelling to Russia for business purposes
  • Russia Private visa: for people travelling to Russia to visit family or friends
  • Russia Transit visa: for people who are transiting through Russia and need to exit the transit zone of your airport or port to catch a connecting flight or vessel
  • Russia Work visa: for people who are travelling to Russia to work
  • Russia Student visa: for people who are travelling to Russia to study in any Russian University or attend short term courses
  • Russia Family Member of a Russian Citizen visa: for people who are travelling to Russia as a family member (spouse, child under the age of 18 or dependent child of any age) of a Russian citizen

All services cost £100 per person plus any applicable VAT, with same day appointment available.

Other visa services on Help with my visa!

Scott’s Visas also offered professional immigration advice services for people applying for UK visas.

Whether you’re applying inside the UK to extend or switch visas, or making a new UK visa application from overseas, Scott’s Visas can provide you with a fully licensed professional service to prepare and submit your UK visa application for you.

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