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Immigration advice service to apply for a UK Visitor visa​

Get immigration advice services to help apply for a UK Visitor visa (also called a UK Standard Visitor Visa) if you want to visit the UK:

  • for leisure, for example on holiday or to see your family and friends
  • for business, or to take part in sports or creative events
  • for another reason, for example to receive private medical treatment

Check if you need this visa if you’re from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland.

Please check the guidance published by UK Visas & Immigration to make sure you are eligible to apply for this type of visa.

Immigration advice services for a UK Visitor visa application

You can make sure your UK Visitor visa application is properly prepared by using a qualified immigration adviser.

Immigration advisers provide professional services to help you prepare your UK Visitor visa application and they do all the administrative work for you.

When you appoint an immigration adviser to work on your behalf, they will take you through the visa application process step-by-step, including:

Confirm you’re applying in the correct visa category

Advise on what supporting documents you need to prepare

Confirm your supporting documents meet the requirements

Complete the visa application form

Make visa and other fee payments

Upload your supporting documents

Book an appointment at the visa application centre

Accompany you to the visa application centre

Provide you with status updates

Collect your passport from the visa application centre (optional)

Courier your passport back to you (optional)

You can make your UK Visitor visa application safe in the knowledge that your application is correctly prepared, your supporting documents contain everything UKVI needs and that you won’t need to spend hours filling out visa application forms.


Easytovisa provides visa services and immigration consulting to individual travellers, multinational corporations, tour operators, governments and professional associations from Central Eastern Europe (CEE) who want to travel, work, study and live in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or any other country in the world.

Our services are provided through a network of the main hub in Belgrade and local agents/offices across CEE countries. Our employees are highly trained travel visa experts and immigration consultants who offer personalized attention and professional service.

Our experts are accustomed to meet tight deadlines and understand the urgency of last-minute trips. We are committed to remaining the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to obtain your visa. Our goal is to provide our customers with exceptional service each time they use Easytovisa.

Easytovisa is a subsidiary of the G Solutions Group doo founded in 2014 by Milos Veselinovic (CEO), former Country Operations Deputy Manager (2007-2010) and Country Operations Manager and European Supervisor  (2010 – 2014) at UK Visa Application Centre in Serbia run by WorldBridge Service (a division of CSC) a commercial company providing services in order to help people to apply for UK visas.

WorldBridge was operating in partnership with the United Kingdom Government (UKBA – UKVI) and the Australian Government (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) across a number of countries and with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Qatar.

As a result of a commitment to development, the continuous growth of human capital and improvement of business processes, in 2019, Marko Masic former Agent (2014-2016) and Supervisor (2016-2019) at UK Visa Application Centre run by TLScontact official commercial partner UK Visas & Immigration, joined our company as Operations Manager.

Now Easytovisa has 10 UK visa experts and continues to grow.

What people say about Easytovisa

Here’s what people have to say about Easytovisa.

Through your agency I obtained a few visas for the UK. I am very satisfied with your service in the sense of dedication and providing information up to the tiniest details. Whenever I called or emailed you, I received a detailed response very fast. I am glad I found people dedicated to their job and very polite. Thank you.

Aleksandar M.

Very simple and very fast service from the moment of the first contact with the agency to the issuing of the visa. Clearly defined necessary documents and steps of applying, as well as the easiness of communication during the process are just some of the things which I’d highlight in this, for us, very easy and positive experience of applying for a visa.

Ivan Glisovic, Commercial Director, SMA Service doo (Serbia)

“Thank you for your efficiency and big saving of time during the applying for the UK visa. We will recommend you.


Book an appointment through Help with my visa!

The quickest and easiest way to book an appointment with this immigration advisor is to use Help with my visa!

There’s no need to call to get a quote.

You don’t have to send an email to check appointment availability.

And you don’t need to worry if you can trust this immigration advisor.

We’ve already taken care of all of this for you.

The price you pay for the service is clearly displayed at the top of this page and you can schedule an initial consultation with this immigration advisor at a time that suits you using our real-time appointment booking system. 

To further protect you, we’ve also vetted this immigration advisor to confirm they have the legal right to provide these immigration advice services and that they’re financially stable. 

You can also see what other people who’ve used this immigration advisor have said about them to give you full confidence in the quality of their work.

You can get the help you need  in under three minutes by following these simple steps:

Confirm this is the right service for you

Enter the number of people above who need this service

Make sure you enter each person in the right person category

Choose a date for your appointment

Select an appointment time

Click ‘Book Now”

Review your booking information

Pay for your immigration advice services

Check your email inbox for your confirmations

Once your booking is complete, we’ll automatically send you and your immigration adviser an appointment confirmation email. We strongly recommend that you add this appointment to your calendar immediately. You’ll also get a reminder email from us a day before your appointment.

Face-to-face or virtual service

This immigration advisor offers a range of service delivery methods, including face-to-face consultations at their offices and a range of virtual appointment options:




Your immigration adviser will email you prior to your initial consultation to confirm contact details, and from then on you’ll arrange directly to communicate using the most appropriate method.

Fees payable for this immigration advice service

When you book an appointment with your immigration adviser on Help with my visa! we’ll take a single payment from you covering two different fees:

  • Immigration advice fee: this is the fee charged by your immigration adviser for providing you with the immigration advice service. We collect the fee on their behalf and remit it to them shortly afterwards.
  • Help with my visa! service fee: this is the fee charged by Help with my visa! for using this marketplace service and is calculated on a percentage basis of the immigration advice fee.

If you’re applying together with others, please make sure you enter the correct number of people in your family or group. Each person who wants to receive the immigration advice service needs to pay the required fees.

Some types of immigration advice services may offer different fees based on your circumstances, such as different rates for dependents or children, so please make sure you add all family or group members in the right category.

You’ll get a chance to review the total fees payable once you hit the ‘Book Now’ button.

Fees this immigration advice service DOES NOT include​

Due to the service options available to you when making your visa application, when you buy immigration advice services through Help with my visa! The fee you pay does not include the cost of the following:

  • Your visa fee(s)
  • Fees for any expedited processing
  • Appointment-related fees charged by visa application centres
  • Any other third-party fees payable

Your immigration adviser will inform you of the exact fees payable once they have reviewed your case. 

You will typically either pay your immigration adviser directly so that they can make fee payments on your behalf, or your immigration adviser will guide you through the process of making these fee payments yourself (which is useful if you’d like to pay using a credit card).

If you have previously applied for this type of visa please note that fees and the application process may have changed since the last time you applied.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about this type of visa application.

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can also check our FAQ page, which contains more detailed information.

Immigration advice is a professional service provided by an immigration adviser or similar regulated person that tells you how to make a visa application based on your circumstances and your intended reasons for applying for a visa. 

Immigration advice typically covers advising you on what type of visa to apply for, what you need to do to meet eligibility criteria, preparing your visa application form, advising on what supporting documents you need to provide (and what they need to contain) and other administrative support completing and submitting your visa application.

Preparing a visa application can be challenging and extremely time-consuming. There can also be significant financial consequences and time delays if your visa application is incorrectly prepared and subsequently rejected.

Immigration advice ensures that your visa application is correctly prepared and that you know in advance how you meet the eligibility criteria for your application. 

Immigration advice is also extremely beneficial if you need to prepare your visa application quickly – or would prefer someone prepare it on your behalf – as your immigration adviser will do all the administrative tasks for you as part of the service.

It’s not mandatory for you to receive immigration advice, however immigration advice does offer you significant benefits, including:

  • Knowing that you’re applying in the correct visa category
  • Knowing how you meet the visa eligibility criteria
  • Knowing exactly which supporting documents you need to prepare (and what they need to contain)
  • Being able to make your visa application much quicker compared to preparing it by yourself
  • Being able to get answers to questions specific to your visa application
  • Getting help completing your visa application form and completing other administrative tasks, such as scanning and uploading supporting documents, booking an appointment at a visa application centre and following up with the government for any questions you may have
  • Getting advice on what to do next if your visa application is rejected

Trust is a massive issue in selecting an immigration adviser and there are three reasons to be confident in your choice of immigration adviser when using Help with my visa!:

  • Registration with the regulator: we check the regulator registrations of all companies and individuals providing immigration advice services through Help with my visa! and only list for sale services of immigration advisers who have passed this check.
  • Financial vetting: we perform a credit check on all immigration advisers applying to sell their services through Help with my visa! and only permit those who are financially stable to register.
  • Customer feedback: we’ve included customer feedback for each immigration adviser so you can see what others are saying about them.

We believe these reasons should give you a high degree of confidence that your chosen immigration adviser is trustworthy.

In the UK, immigration advice services are regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) and other regulatory bodies such as the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). These regulators ensure that those individuals and companies providing immigration advice services are competent to do so, and they require immigration advisers to qualify and maintain this competency through examination. The regulators are also points of escalation for any complaints you may experience when using immigration advice services and act to safeguard visa applicants and the industry as a whole.

Help with my visa! is a digital marketplace for buying and selling immigration advice services. We help people beat the bureaucracy when applying for a visa by letting them book an appointment with a registered immigration adviser any time of the day or night.. and on any device.

If you scroll to the top of this page and follow the instructions you’ll have an appointment booked and paid for with this immigration adviser within three minutes. 

Now, you could contact them directly, calling during office hours, or emailing and waiting hours for a reply. You might get an appointment arranged after a couple of days of back-and-forth. 

Or you could get everything you need organised right now.

Yes, you can cancel your appointment up to 24 business hours before the day of your appointment without penalty, i.e. if your appointment is Tuesday at 13:00 we’ll need to receive your cancellation request by close of business Friday at the very latest. You can reschedule your appointment or request a refund if you no longer need it.

If you’re entitled to a refund, you can claim it by submitting a refund request online. We’ll process your refund within 14 calendar days, however depending upon your payment card operator it may take longer for the funds to appear in your account.

We’ll only refund money to the same card or account used to make the original payment.

Your immigration adviser will go through your circumstances and reasons for applying for a visa during your initial consultation. If you’ve bought the ‘wrong’ immigration advice service your immigration adviser will inform Help with my visa! and we’ll jointly arrange to collect the correct fees from you, whether that’s requesting additional fees so that you pay the correct amount or refunding you part of the fees you’ve already paid if you’ve paid too much.

If you all wish to receive immigration advice services then yes, you all need to buy the immigration advice service. 

You can add additional visa applicants to your appointment booking at the top of the page before selecting an appointment slot.

Some immigration advice services cost the same for every group member, however some immigration advice services have different costs depending upon your circumstances, e.g. dependent children under 18 years old may be charged a different price compared to an adult dependent.

If you don’t buy the correct number of immigration advice services through Help with my visa! your immigration adviser will inform you of the additional costs during your initial consultation and will only continue to provide the immigration advice service once any additional payments have cleared.

To avoid any delays, it’s therefore best to check you’ve included all members of your group on the booking you make through Help with my visa!

Unless you’ve bought the ‘wrong’ type of immigration advice service and actually need a service that’s more expensive or you haven’t included all members of your group in your booking, then no, an immigration adviser cannot charge you more after your initial consultation.

If your immigration adviser does try to increase your fees, please report this to Help with my visa! immediately. You may also consider making a complaint.

No, the fee you pay on Help with my visa! is the fee for the entire immigration advice service.

No, the fees you pay on Help with my visa! only cover your immigration advice fee and the Help with my visa! service fee. You’ll need to pay your visa fee and any other associated fees either to your immigration adviser following your initial consultation or directly yourself.

We’d love to be able to offer you a single payment option for all fees but unfortunately the fees you’ll pay are not always known at this point in time.

During the initial consultation with your immigration adviser, they’ll go through the additional fees payable with you. Other fees you may need to pay later include:

  • Your visa fee(s)
  • Fees for any expedited processing
  • Appointment-related fees charged by visa application centres
  • Any other third-party fees payable

Additional Information: UK Visitor Visa

Appointment Type(s) Face-to-face, Telephone
Langauge(s) Croatian, English, Polish, Russian, Serbian
Service Provider Jurisdiction Serbia
Service Provider City Belgrade, Virtual Appointment

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From: £315.00 (price inc. VAT £378.00)

From: £315.00 (price inc. VAT £378.00)

COVID-safe appointments

Social distancing rules fully respected

Processing fees apply

3% processing fee will be added to your booking (what is this?)

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