Spain Schengen Visa – Tourist


This visa service is for people wanting to apply for a Spain Schengen visa to visit the country as a Tourist. You can buy this service and book a call for your initial consultation through Help with my visa! During this call, you’ll first have your eligibility for this visa will assessed, including that:

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Spain Schengen Visa – Tourist

This is a full visa service to apply for a Spain Schengen visa at a Tourist, including:

  • Assessing your eligibility to apply for a Spain Schengen visa as a Tourist
  • Providing you with a complete list of required supporting documents
  • Completing the Schengen visa application form on your behalf
  • Confirming your Spain Schengen visa application is 100% correct before submitting
  • Answering unlimited Spain Schengen visa questions by email or phone
  • Booking an appointment for you at your chosen visa application centre
  • Handling all correspondence with the Consulate-General of Spain and visa application centre operator BLS International for you

Spain Schengen Visa Eligibility Criteria

This visa service is for people wanting to apply for a Spain Schengen visa to visit the country as a Tourist. You can buy this service and book a call for your initial consultation through Help with my visa! During this call, you’ll first have your eligibility for this visa will assess, including that:

  • You are a UK resident and require a Schengen visa to travel to Spain as a Tourist
  • You are applying at the correct Schengen consulate for your visa
  • Your intended purpose of travel meets the requirements of this visa type
  • You are planning to apply for your Spain Schengen visa within permitted timeframes

Please note that this service is only available to third-country nationals resident in the UK

UK passport holders do not need a Spain Schengen visa to visit Spain as a Tourist and may stay in Spain visa-free for this purpose for up to a maximum of 90 days within any rolling 180-day period

Once you’ve passed the eligibility check the full visa service will begin. If for any reason during this eligibility check it’s found that you should apply for a different type of Schengen visa – or in a different jurisdiction – you’ll be advised on your options to switch to another visa service or cancel your visa service and receive a refund, minus an administration fee.

About Help with my visa!

Applying for a visa can be extremely complicated and time-consuming, not to mention also being incredibly important to you personally and something you can’t afford to make a mistake with.

You can use a professional visa services company to take the time, hassle and stress out of making your visa application and have them prepare everything for you.

Help with my visa! makes it as easy as possible for you to find trusted visa service companies, compare prices and book an appointment for an initial consultation 100% online.

We only list authorised and reputable visa services companies who we’ve personally vetted for their legal accreditations, financial stability and customer service.

So if it’s important to you that your visa application is handled professionally with zero hassle, book this service today on Help with my visa! and get your visa application started with confidence.

Start Your Spain Schengen Visa Application on Help with my visa!

You can start your Spain Schengen visa application on Help with my visa! by booking and securely paying for an initial consultation with this visa services company in less than 3 minutes.

Confirm this is the right visa service for you

Enter the number of people who need this service

Select a convenient date and time for your initial consultation

Click “Book Now”

Review and confirm your booking

Securely pay for your service

Check your email inbox for your booking confirmation

Attend your initial consultation

Provide the requested information and let your visa services company prepare your visa application

Shortly after your booking your chosen visa services company will email you with contact details for your initial consultation. They may also request further information from you so that you can get the most out of this session.

After your initial consultation your chosen visa services company will provide the full visa service as outlined above in the Service Description, including fully preparing your Spain Schengen visa application and answering all of your questions.

Spain Schengen Visa Fees

The fees you pay on Help with my visa! cover the full fees for visa services provided to you by this visa services company.

For the avoidance of any doubt, the fees you pay on Help with my visa! do not include:

  • Schengen Visa fees (the equivalent of EUR 80 per person)
  • Visa application center service fees (if applicable, up to EUR 40 per person)
  • Any added value services fees (e.g. courier return or Premium Lounge charges)
  • Any other disbursements or charges (e.g. cost of translating documents)

The total fees payable by you for this visa application, including visa fees and any other charges, will be confirmed during or shortly after your initial consultation.

Until you accept these fees in writing, you are able to cancel your visa service and claim a refund of the fees you’ve paid through Help with my visa! minus any reasonable charges made by the visa services company or us for services provided to you up to that time.

You should notify Help with my visa! immediately if a visa services company attempts to charge you more than what you’ve paid on Help with my visa! for this service. Only in circumstances where you’ve purchased a visa service for an ‘incorrect’ visa type, and the visa service fees for the ‘correct’ visa type are higher, will you be asked to pay the balance of the additional fees.

Similarly, if the ‘correct’ visa service fee is less than what you purchased, you’ll be refunded the difference.

Help with my visa! may be paid a commission by the visa services company for referring your case to them.

Spain Schengen Visa Processing Times

As a general rule, the Consulate-General of Spain will make a decision on a Schengen visa within 15 calendar days of receipt of an application.

In exceptional circumstances, this processing time may be extended to 30 days or even 60 days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you still have questions about this visa service, check out our FAQ section below.

You can also send us a message by clicking the ‘Help’ button and we’ll get right back to you. Please include your country of residence, which country issued your passport, your intended destination country, and a brief summary of your situation and question in the message. This will help us get you the information you need quickly.

  1. What is this Schengen visa service? The Schengen visa service is a service provided by visa service companies to assist applicants in obtaining a Schengen visa, which allows entry into the 26 European countries that form the Schengen Area.
  2. Why should I use this Schengen visa service? Using a Schengen visa service can save you time and effort by helping you navigate the application process, ensuring your documentation is complete and accurate, and providing guidance to increase your chances of a successful application.
  3. Who can use this Schengen visa service? Anyone planning to travel to the Schengen Area who requires a visa can use this service. This typically includes non-EU/EEA citizens and certain categories of travelers, such as tourists, business travelers, students, and family members of EU/EEA citizens.
  4. Do I still need to submit my Schengen visa application at a visa application centre? Yes, you will still need to submit your application at a visa application centre. The Schengen visa service will help you prepare your application, but you must submit it and complete any necessary interviews and biometric procedures at the designated centre.
  5. I’ve previously enrolled my biometrics with a Schengen country, do I need to re-enroll them when I apply? In most cases, if your biometrics have been recorded within the last 59 months, you do not need to re-enroll them for a new visa application. However, specific requirements may vary by country.
  6. Why should I use this visa service when the visa application centre checks my supporting documents for me? Using a visa service can ensure that your application is complete and accurate before submission, minimizing the likelihood of delays or rejections. While the visa application centre checks your documents, they may not provide guidance on how to correct issues or optimize your application.
  7. How do I know I can trust this visa services company? You can research the company’s reputation, check customer reviews, and verify if they have any industry accreditations or affiliations. Additionally, ensure they have a secure website and a clear privacy policy.
  8. Who is Help with my visa? Help with my visa is a fictional visa services company mentioned in the questions. It is designed to represent a generic visa services provider that can assist you with your Schengen visa application.
  9. What happens when I book an appointment? When you book an appointment with a visa services company, they will guide you through the application process, answer questions, and review your documents. In some cases, they may also help you schedule an appointment at the visa application centre.
  10. What happens to the fees I pay? The fees you pay are typically used to cover the services provided by the visa services company, as well as any government fees or third-party costs related to your visa application.
  11. Does Help with my visa! earn any commission? As a fictional company, Help with my visa does not earn any commission. However, real-world visa service companies may earn commissions from partnerships with third-party service providers, like travel insurance or accommodation providers.
  12. Can I cancel my visa service? Cancellation policies vary by company. Review the terms and conditions of the visa services provider to understand their cancellation policy and any associated fees.
  13. How do I request a refund? To request a refund, contact the visa services provider directly and follow their refund process, which should be outlined in their terms and conditions.
  14. What happens if I’ve bought the ‘wrong’ visa service? If you’ve purchased the wrong visa service, contact the provider as soon as possible to discuss your options. They may be able to assist you in obtaining the correct service or provide a refund, depending on their policies.
  15. What do the fees I pay Help with my visa! include? The fees you pay to a visa services company like “Help with my visa!” typically include the cost of their professional services, such as guidance, document review, and application assistance. Note that government visa fees and other third-party costs may not be included and need to be paid separately.
  16. Why does the Help with my visa! fee not include all fees I need to pay? Visa service fees usually only cover the cost of the services provided by the company. Additional fees, such as government visa fees, biometric enrollment fees, and any other third-party costs, are separate expenses that applicants need to pay directly to the respective authorities or service providers.


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