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Welcome to Matt Davies, Managing Director and Personal Trainer at Astute Fitness

In this Help with my visa! Podcast episode we talk to personal trainer and nutritionist Matt Davies of Astute Fitness about how he approaches competing in major sporting events around the world when he has to combine that with overseas travel.

Being based in Jersey, one of the UK Channel Islands, means that pretty much every major event Matt has competed in – from triathlons to marathons – has meant taking at least one, but usually two flights to reach his destination.

With the nervousness and adrenaline that comes with participating in events like the New York Marathon, which Matt ran in 2017, figuring out the logistics of how to get there in one piece along with all your equipment can be extremely difficult.

Over the years of competing overseas Matt has developed an approach that has served him well, starting with a research plan that he begins work on weeks – if not months – in advance of the event. The level of detail he goes into is meticulous, and Matt covers important areas of preparation that can be easily overlooked as you focus on making sure your body is in tip-top condition for the event.

When visiting places like New York to participate in the marathon, it can be extremely tempting to take in everything that the city has to offer – the sights, the food, the entertainment – and Matt tells us through how he approached his 2017 marathon there as well as the approach he takes for preparing to travel to other locations around the world.

If you’re into your sports and have thought about combining overseas travel with competing in an event, you’ll not want to miss this episode with Matt as he talks us through his preparation process that hasn’t failed him yet.

And if you’re already registered for an overseas sporting event like a marathon, half marathon or triathlon, and are feeling a little unsure about how COVID-19 may impact your participation, Matt also gives us some excellent advice on how he’s working with his clients to help prepare their minds as well as their bodies so that they can deal more confidently with the unknown.

Matt has a touching personal story of how training his mind helped just recently when his first ever Iron Man competition was pulled with just days to go. After training for almost one year in the build-up to the event, Matt had to draw on the techniques he teaches to make the most out of the situation, which resulted in him doing something he’d never done before – an ultra-marathon.

So do check out this podcast episode with Matt, and if you’d like to find out more about how he could help you reach your fitness goals and prepare for a major sporting event, you can find him on either his personal or business Instagram accounts and at his personal training website,

Safe travels!

PS if you missed our first podcast episode, you can watch and listen to it here as we talk to Indian national Umang Shankar, who talks us through what he learned making an incredible four long-term UK visa applications in just four years! Links to the YouTube video and audio versions of the podcast are available from our blog post.

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