In this episode of the Help with my visa! Podcast we talk to Paul Harris at Smart Currency Exchange, where he gives us his 5 top tips on how to get the best deal when making a large currency transaction.

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Welcome to Paul Harris, Client Onboarding Team Manager at Smart Currency Exchange

Paul has worked in foreign exchange for more than a decade, advising countless companies and individuals on getting the most out of their foreign currency transactions.

Typically, the kind of people Paul helps includes:

  • Investors: people looking to start businesses overseas or invest in other ventures, including helping people invest to get ‘Golden Visas’
  • Property Buyers and Sellers: people buying property overseas or people selling properties in other countries who want to repatriate the sale proceeds
  • International Students: people who are studying abroad, and need to make large currency transfers for course fees, accommodation and living expenses

And as many of these people have ongoing foreign exchange needs, Paul can help them structure a plan to get the best deal for them.

Because believe it or not, getting the ‘best rate’ isn’t always the most pressing factor.

Sure, Paul always does his best to achieve this, but he can also work within other constraints, such as reducing the foreign exchange risk of a future transfer you know you need to make through forward contracts or hedging.

Paul will also look at your required timing of funds, and if you don’t need everything transferring at once he can put in place a plan to let you benefit from any currency upsides while minimising the risks you face if exchange rates move the other way. 

It really is very clever stuff!

In the podcast, Paul talks us through the process he uses to make sure his customers get the best deal for them covering his 5 top tips. It’s a must-listen for anyone thinking about making a big foreign currency transaction, as when you’re talking about moving thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds/ dollars/ euros, even the smallest change in exchange rates or hiccups receiving funds on time can result in a massive loss.

smart currency exchange

Paul’s company Smart Currency Exchange is regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and since launching in 2004 has transferred more than £5bn to thousands of satisfied customers.

It’s one of the big, established currency exchange plasters in the UK and the company offers currency exchange in 35 different currencies.

Smart Currency Exchange is also the exclusive currency partner of Rightmove and Property Guides in the UK.

The company has a 4.9* rating on Trustpilot, with over 1,000 5* reviews, and provides an exceptional, personal service.

Using Paul’s process, Smart Currency Exchange can save customers up to 4% compared to local bank exchange rates, so it’s extremely useful to see what they can do for you before you use a more ‘traditional’ option. 

In fact, if you listen to the end of the podcast you’ll hear Paul provide his personal email address where you can contact him for more information.

Or if you’d like to receive more information online, you can click the below link to fill out a short form and get a free currency exchange quote.

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  1. […] You can also watch our podcast episode with Paul Harris from Smart Currency Exchange, who gives us his 5 top tips on getting the most out of making a large currency exchange transaction. […]

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