Do you use an online appointment booking system for your immigration advice business?


Well here’s 7 benefits that you’re missing out on!

1. You're available 24/7

When you use an online appointment booking system, you’re working on your customers’ schedule. 

Even when you’re sleeping!

You’ve already done the work to setup your availability and now you can focus on running your business without having to repeatedly plan your days when a new customer calls.

Online appointment booking systems let you setup-and-forget the laborious scheduling part of your job so you can focus on more value-add tasks.

2. You make a great first impression on your customers

Wow!” your customer is already saying, “I can book an appointment with this immigration adviser in the early hours of Sunday morning and I know I’ll see them Tuesday afternoon for my initial consultation. I’ll start getting my paperwork ready now!

Using an online appointment booking system you give your customer certainty over when they’ll see you. The appointment also gives you the opportunity to send out automated information in advance of an appointment so that the customer is well prepared and knows what to expect.

It makes a great first impression!

3. You'll optimise your calendar

Many online appointment booking systems automatically arrange appointments within the parameters that you set them up with. So instead of trying to figure out if there’s enough time for a certain customer with a given set of circumstances, your appointment booking system has already done this for you and only offered the customer appointment availability that fits their requirements.

You optimise your calendar in this way so that you see back-to-back customers without having to worry if there’s sufficient time for each case. You already know the answer is ‘yes’ as you’ve used your experience to setup the appointment booking system in the first place!

4. You make it easier to measure results

How many customers did you see this week?

And what type of visas did they apply for?

Oh and who was that couple who didn’t turn up?

You can certainly gather this information and measure results manually but with an online appointment booking system you can schedule reports to give you the data automatically. 

You can also run analysis more easily, such as how many customers of which type you saw over a given time period, what your no-show rate is and how much time you’re spending on customer service compared to other tasks.

Once an appointment is booked online, you have a wealth of data stored automatically that you can subsequently draw on to better measure the performance of your business.

5. You can make best use of your resources

When you make resource allocation decisions in real-time you run the risk of a required resource not being available when needed. This hits your productivity.

Using an online appointment booking system lets you allocate resources to customers at the time the customer makes a booking, so barring an unforeseen event, you know the resource your customer needs will be available when needed.

6. You improve your cashflow

You can shorten your cash conversion cycle as clients pay for the service in advance. You’re then paid client fees when you start fulfilling the service and don’t need to chase unpaid invoices for weeks on end.

7. You boost your profitability

Making sales 24/7.

Preparing customers and yourself in advance.

Optimising your calendar.

Making it easier to measure results through automation.

Ensuring the right resources are available when needed.

And improving your cashflow.

All of this boosts the profitability of your immigration advice business.

You can cover more work with your customers, spend less time on administration and have better insights into how your business operates.

All from an online appointment booking system!

Take advantage of the Help with my visa! online appointment booking system

If this sounds like it needs a lot of technical expertise and is horrifically expensive, we’ve got a surprise for you.

When you sign-up as a Seller on Help with my visa! you get access to our powerful online appointment booking system as part of the service. We’ll ask you for some basic details around how you want your immigration advice business to work with us and we’ll setup an online appointment booking system for you.

We do all of this for free – it doesn’t cost you anything to sign-up, there aren’t any subscription fees. You only ever pay us a commission of up to 5% when we actually make a sale for you.

Registering as a Seller on Help with my visa! is 100% free of charge and lets you benefit from tools like an online appointment booking system to grow your immigration advice business.

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