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What would another sales channel do for your immigration advice or visa services business right now?

If you’re looking for new ways of promoting your business – and increasing your sales – then registering as a Seller on the Help with my visa! digital marketplace is for you!

We list your products and services for sale and let customers buy from you 24/7. 

Our marketplace service is like an ‘Airbnb’ for immigration advice – we provide the marketing and technology to increase your sales but we don’t get involved in the delivery of immigration advice services.

When you register as a Seller we’ll take you through the simple 5-step setup process and agree a launch date with you so you can start selling.

Start selling 24/7

People want to be able to do things when it best suits them.

This may well be during a normal working day but it could also be late evening or even in the early hours of the morning.

When you register as a Seller on the Help with my visa! marketplace, we let you sell to customers any time of the day or night.

You setup an appointment schedule with us and customers buy from you – via us – at a time that suits them.

We give you the ability to grow your immigration advice sales without lifting a finger and even after you’ve clocked off for the day.

sell anytime

Get a sales channel optimised for mobile


The Help with my visa! marketplace is designed for use on mobile. 

When you register as a Seller with us you benefit from being able to reach and sell to your customers wherever they are and on any device.

We’ve highlighted in a recent blog post how research shows people use their mobiles 2x more than desktops, while in the UK, people check their mobile phone on average every 12 minutes.

Our own usage statistics back this up, with 75-80% of website visitors coming to us on mobile.

If you’d like to optimise your immigration advice business for mobile but are concerned about the time, cost and effort needed to do so, you can bypass all the ‘noise’ and register as a Seller on Help with my visa! and let us give you a sales channel that is mobile friendly.

Automate your most time-consuming activities

Scheduling appointments.

Bouncing emails back and forth.

Chasing payments.

The admin needed to run a business can be a huge drain on your time.

That’s why we’ve automated all of these processes so you can spend more time with your customers.

When you register as a Seller with us we’ll setup an online appointment booking system for you. You have full control over this system and can make changes to availability, appointment lengths and more either directly through the Seller’s Portal we give you access to or by asking us to make the changes on your behalf.

No more checking calendars for availability whenever you get an enquiry, you benefit from an online appointment booking system when selling through us that keeps your time organised.


Receive scheduled payments from us


When a customer books an appointment with you on the marketplace, we also take the fee payment online using a secure payment gateway.

Once the transaction is complete, we automatically raise and email VAT-compliant invoices to both you and the customer, so you both have copies of the transaction. 

We operate an automated pay-out system through the Help with my visa! marketplace, so the fees we collect on your behalf are automatically remitted to you at an agreed frequency.

So no more chasing debtors or worrying about payments, we collect the money upfront and hold it in a trading account until it’s time to remit.

Low commission rates based on actual sales

You can join Help with my visa! for free and there are no subscription fees. You only pay us a small commission of up to 10% when you actually make a sale – and if you’re an OISC-registered immigration adviser selling UK immigration advice services you’ll pay zero commission on those sales (see our FAQ section for more details).

There’re no cancellation penalties either if you ever do decide to delist from the Help with my visa! marketplace.

So when you register as a Seller on Help with my visa! you’ll never pay us a penny unless we’re actually delivering sales to you.


We're fully compliant with immigration regulations

free of charge

Finally, as we’re operating in a regulated industry (particularly in places like the UK), we’ve been proactive at engaging with regulators to make sure our business model complies with the rules.

In the UK, we gave the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner our details and they performed a thorough review of our business.

As we’re providing marketing services to people in this industry – and due to the way we’ve mirrored many of our policies and processes on OISC best practice – the OISC legal team has given Help with my visa! the ‘green light’ for trading, confirming we don’t require regulation.

This means your business remains fully compliant with the UK immigration rules when you sell through Help with my visa!

How do I get started?

You can get started with us by completing a short registration form and we’ll be in touch with you to discuss your set up.

We’re taking onboard up to 10 new Sellers in Q2/2021, so make sure you act fast and book a call with us quickly by completing the Seller registration form.

If you decide to proceed, you can list for sale all the products and services you wish to offer through Help with my visa! by following a simple 5-step process.

It shouldn’t take you much more than 30 minutes to prepare the information we need from you, and once we have what we need we’ll get you up and running within days.



Complete the short Seller Registration Form to start the process. You’ll receive a short email confirming your Seller Registration Form has been successfully submitted and we’ll then be in touch to do an introductory call.


When you’re good to go with us, we’ll move on to Step 2 and the vetting process.



Nothing too onerous, but we need to check your registrations before activating your Help with my visa! account.


Vetting includes performing an Experian credit check and confirming that you hold the appropriate level of clearance from the appropriate regulatory bodies (e.g. OISC or the SRA) to advise on the products and services you’ve selected. When you register as a Seller you’re giving us your consent to perform these checks.



We’ll ask you to confirm the price for each product/ service according to your fee scale and whether you wish to use the Help with my visa! appointment booking tool to schedule appointments with your customers when they buy from you.



You’ll receive an email with Welcome Instructions and how to get support once you go-live with us.


We’re creating an online documentation with instructions and videos that show you how to manage your account with us.



Once we have all the information back from you, that we need we’ll setup your account with the products/ services you requested, along with setting the pricing and appointments. Finally, we’ll agree a launch date and then you’re good to go!

Update your offerings at any time

If you need to make changes to your products, services, prices or appointments, you can do this at any time in one of two ways.

Firstly, we’ll give you access to your own management portal so you can tweak your prices, product/ service descriptions and even create new products.

Alternatively, you can just drop us an email with your request and we’ll make the changes for you.

Small change requests are typically made within 24 business hours, and for bigger changes we’ll let you know how long it’s going to take before we start work.

Register your interest in becoming a Seller on Help with my visa!

Complete a short registration form and we'll be in touch to arrange an introductory call. There's no obligation and you can ask as many questions as you want to make sure you're comfortable listing on Help with my visa! is right for your business

Still have questions?

Below you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from immigration advisers and visa services companies.

We’ve made the set up process as simple as possible so it should take you 60 minutes or less.


First, we need you to fill out a short form about your business and what you’d like to sell.


When we receive this we’ll contact you to arrange an introductory call so you get to ‘meet’ us personally and ask any questions you may have.


We’ll set up two sample product/ service listings for review and send you a short screen share video talking you through them. If you’d like to make any changes you’re welcome to send us your requests and we’ll do our best to accommodate them.


Once you’re happy you’ll need to send us the full list of products/ services you want to offer for sale through the Help with my visa! marketplace, including the prices for each. We’ll also need to know when you’d like to offer appointments for initial consultations so we can set up the appointment booking system for you.


We’ll create all these listings for you and in the meantime we’ll send you a Seller’s Agreement document for review and e-signature. This document formalises our working relationship and the expectations of each party.


When we’ve completed the product/ service listings set up and appointment booking system – which usually takes a few days – and have your signed Seller Agreement back, we’ll jointly agree a launch date and will then put you live on Help with my visa!

Customers arrive on the Help with my visa! website via a number of different routes, such as search, social media links or referrals. They may be directed straight on to a landing page or hit our website homepage.


From here, customers can search for the type of visa they want to apply for and see which Sellers offer services to assist.


Sellers have detailed product description pages for each product/ service they offer for sale. Customers can review these pages, and when they’re happy, they click on a calendar to book an appointment with you.


The customers enters the number (and type) of people buying the service and clicks through to a checkout page, which summaries the products/ services selected and itemises the costs.


At this point the customer is asked to make a payment for your services plus the Help with my visa! service fee. They can pay by credit/ debit card or PayPal.


Once the transaction is complete, the customer is sent an appointment confirmation email and a tax-compliant invoice. You’re also sent an appointment confirmation email as well as a copy of the invoice, which you can use to invoice Help with my visa! for fee remittance later in the month.

You’ll only ever pay us a commission when a sale actually goes through.

We operate two levels of commission depending upon your firm’s registrations:

OISC-registered immigration advisers selling UK immigration advice services: zero commission payable (to maintain compliance with Article 22 of the OISC Code of Standards)

All other types of organisation: for products/ services costing more than £500, up to 10% commission; for products/ services costing less than £500, up to £25 flat fee commission

No, there’s no registration fee for registering as a Seller on the Help with my visa! marketplace.

No, the standard marketplace service you receive is free of charge and doesn’t require you to pay a subscription fee.

No, all charges are covered in this FAQ section. If we do introduce new, paid service offerings in the future you’ll be given the chance to opt in to those but you’ll always be able to use the standard marketplace service free of charge with no hidden charges.

If VAT is applicable on the sale then yes, it does.


We’ve taken professional tax advice on this and as a VAT-registered company in the UK, Help with my visa! must charge VAT on all taxable products and services even if the organisation ultimately providing the service isn’t registered for VAT.

We’ve taken professional tax advice on this and as a VAT-registered company in the UK, Help with my visa! must charge VAT on all taxable products and services even if the organisation ultimately providing the service isn’t registered for VAT. That mans we’ll gross up your fees to include the applicable VAT.

We collect VAT from customers when they buy services from you via the Help with my visa! marketplace.


As a Seller, if you’re registered for VAT we remit fees to you inclusive of VAT. You’ll then be responsible for paying the tax authorities, such as HMRC.


If you’re not registered for VAT, we will withhold VAT from the fees we remit to you and we will pay the VAT to HMRC directly.

We collect fees on your behalf when a customer buys a product or service from you via the Help with my visa! marketplace.


Twice per month you may issue us with an itemised invoice for all transactions made during the previous period and we’ll settle that invoice within 14 calendar days.


You’ll get paid by bank transfer directly into your business account.

When someone buys from you on the Help with my visa! marketplace we’ll collect fees on your behalf. We’ll then remit these to you every two weeks in arrears upon receive of an invoice from you. 


This is typically twice as frequent as standard business-to-business payment terms.

At the moment we only support payments in GBP – this covers both payments made by customers and fees remitted to our Sellers.


If you operate in another currency, we will fix your product and service prices in GBP and will commit to paying you a fixed amount in GBP. You will be responsible for covering the cost of any foreign exchange or banking fees that may apply to the payment.

We use Stripe for credit/ debit card payments and PayPal as an alternative option. Customers are free to choose which payment card gateway they wish to use and there’s no difference in fees between the two.

When a customer buys a service from you through Help with my visa! we’re charged a payment card fee by our payment gateway providers, Stripe and PayPal. Unless otherwise agreed, this payment fee is deducted from the fees payable to you on the portion of the transaction that relates to your service.


Fees are currently set at 2.9% of the total transaction value plus 30p.


There are no further payment fees applicable when we settle your invoices and remit fees collected on your behalf.

Yes, as a marketplace we levy a charge on transactions to both the buyer and seller, where permitted. This lets us balance the value everyone gets from using Help with my visa! so that no one party is paying too much for the services they receive.

Safeguarding your reputation is absolutely key to us.


Here’s how we do it.


Firstly, we vet every Seller who applies to join the Help with my visa! marketplace in three areas to protect the integrity of our Sellers:


  1. Regulatory compliance: we check any accreditation or registrations needed to provide the services you want to offer. For example, immigration advisers in the UK will have their OISC registration checked.
  2. Financial stability: we’ll run an Experian credit check on each Seller to ensure they’re financially stable.
  3. User feedback: we’ll check any third-party user feedback from the likes of Trustpilot and Google Business to make sure the customer experience is of a good standard.


Secondly, we’ll include you in the set up process to make sure you have visibility of what your listings will look like before they go live. We won’t publish any products or services under your name without your written consent first.


Thirdly, you’ll be informed of any proposed changes to your listings before they go live. This covers situations where new regulatory changes are needed or when we’re proposing to update listing information.

We’ve built the Help with my visa! marketplace using ‘privacy by design’ principles and only collect and process the data we actually need to provide the marketplace service. This means that in the unlikely event of a cyber attack, there’s an absolute minimum of data at risk.


This is detailed in our Privacy Policy but the main points are summarised below.


For customers, this means only collecting names, email address and information on the type of product/ service they’ve purchased.


For Sellers, it’s names, email address and telephone number, as well as publicly available information such as your registered office address.


We also collect behavioural data by placing cookies on devices when people visit us, to both facilitate the marketplace service (cookies are essential to actually buy something) and assist with marketing, where users have consented to us using cookies for such a purpose.


The Help with my visa! website uses https and SSL for secure communications and data transfer.


Data is held in databases hosted by WordPress and HubSpot, which both uses enterprise-grade data encryption and cyber security techniques to protect against malicious attack.


Finally, we also use various WordPress plugins to minimise the risk of denial of service attacks and other malicious attempts to compromise our services.

If you’d like to de-list from the Help with my visa! marketplace you’re free to do so at any time and for any reason.


We would welcome the opportunity to address any issues you’re experiencing first, but if you really do want to leave that’s perfectly fine.


All you need to do is send us an email asking to de-list and we’ll agree a de-listing date with you – this is when your products and services are removed from the Help with my visa! marketplace. From this point, you won’t receive any more sales through us.


Your only obligation after this de-listing date is to fulfil any appointments that were booked through Help with my visa! prior to de-listing but that haven’t been conducted. 


We set out the de-listing requirements and obligations in the Seller Agreement you sign so you have total clarity.

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