How to Get Your Dream Job in the UK

Let’s break down exactly how to get your Dream Job in the UK.

What you’ll learn on this page is the exact process I and many others use to repeatedly get skilled work in the UK.

The process works whether you’re overseas or based in the UK now, and it’s proven to be successful in industries such as technology, consulting, financial services, healthcare, education and more.

Don’t waste your time throwing application after application down blackhole job portals or doing outreach that doesn’t get you noticed.

Learn how to tap the UK’s Hidden Job Market.

How to network with key influencers in your niche.

And how to perfectly structure your CV and Covering Letter for success.

Here’s how to get your Dream Job in the UK

Let me break it down for you:

Step 1: Background Research – find out what research you need to start doing now, today, to set yourself up for success

Step 2: Initial Preparations – discover what you need to start preparing early so that you have everything to hand when you need it

Step 3: Apply for Your Dream Job in the UK – learn the three things you need to do to successfully get your Dream Job in the UK:

> Leverage your social media profiles for success and position yourself as a Thought Leader in your chosen niche

> Tap the UK’s Hidden Job Market and avoid wasting time on blackhole job portals, including how to network with key influencers and write CVs that get attention

> How to ace an interview and negotiate your Dream Job offer

Step 4: Apply for Your Skilled Worker visa – how to make a successful Skilled Worker visa application and where to get professional assistance, if you need it

Step 5: Travel to the UK – what you need to to before you leave your home country, and what you need to do immediately after arriving in the UK

My success rate at finding skilled work in the UK rocketed after I started doing these things routinely.

And they don’t just work UK nationals or people already based in the UK. 

This process works for anyone who is seriously committed to doing what it takes to find their Dream Job in the UK.

You can hear how Sofia found her Dream Job in the UK while moving from Russia AND doing a career change by using many of the techniques I’m going to show you here to tap the UK’s Hidden Job Market.

But why should you listen to me?

Great question!

Gareth Richards, Founder & CEO at Help with my visa!

meet the team gareth richards

In my career I’ve hired 800+ people across dozens of countries from all walks of life. In fact I’d say that 90% of hires I’ve made have been non-UK nationals outside the UK. 

But when I’m looking to hire someone, I still view them through the lens of a UK hiring manager.

So I’ve seen the ‘mistakes’ people from around the world routinely make when applying for skilled work.

Before founding Help with my visa! I spent many years as an independent consultant, where I was constantly on the lookout for new skilled work. 

I spent tens of thousands of pounds on courses and programmes to discover exactly what hiring managers expect of people applying for skilled work… and how to make sure they wanted to hire me.

I’ve combined these experiences as a hiring manager and an independent consultant to bring your How to Get Your Dream Job in the UK, to teach you the processes I’ve repeatedly used to get six-figure skilled work in the UK and other countries in a number of different industries.

And you can start applying these processes to your own UK job search today.

Get Serious About Finding Your Dream Job in the UK

how to get your dream job in the uk

If you’re serious about finding your Dream Job in the UK, you need to stop wasting your time doing what everyone else is doing.

Such as sending in application after application into blackhole job portals.

Signing up to recruitment agencies that never call you back.

And sending out LinkedIn connection requests to people that simply don’t respond.

You need to start following a structured process that shows you how to get results.

So that you know exactly how to cut through the noise and focus on what’s really going to get you your Dream Job in the UK.

Tapping the UK’s Hidden Job Market

tapping the uk's hidden job market

Estimates vary but between 75-80% of jobs are never actually advertised – this is the ‘Hidden Job Market’.

Think about that for a second…

Only one out of every four or five jobs are actually publicly advertised.

And the rest?

That’s a huge opportunity for you!

And here’s how to tap it.

STEP 1: Background Research

background research

It’s essential that you start with your background research as it’ll save you a massive amount of time and effort later in your job search.

At this stage, I’d advise you to start with the endgame in sight, and figure out what type of UK visa is best for you. 

For many, it’ll be the new Skilled Worker visa, but you may have other visa options available to you based on your nationality, relationships, skills and type of work you want to do in the UK.

You’ll need to check the eligibility requirements too.

This is to make sure you can actually apply for a work visa to do the kind of work you specialise in, and what you’ll need in terms of evidence to prove it.

Once you’re clear on which type of UK visa you’re going to apply for – and what you need to do to get it – you can start making your initial preparations.

STEP 2: Initial Preparations

initial preparations

Now that you’ve started with the endgame in sight and identified what you need to do to qualify for your UK work visa, you can start making your initial preparations.

This includes gathering any documents you’re going to need for both your UK visa application and your Dream Job application.

You should also start warming up your professional references – that is, people who can vouch for your prior work. 

You don’t need them to actually provide you with a reference at this stage, but you do need 2-3 people you can trust who are willing to give you a strong reference when the UK hiring managers asks you for one.

As it’s not going to be cheap to move to the UK to start your Dream Job, you also need to start making a budget and identify where your funding will come from – both initially and permanently. 

So start budgeting now and figure out how you’re going to cover the costs of visas, travel and your first few months in the UK until your full pay cheques start coming in.

STEP 3: Apply for Your Dream Job in the UK

job application

Applying for your Dream Job in the UK takes effort and dedication. 

You’ll only succeed if you do the ‘right things’… in the ‘right order’.

And in Step 3, this is where you learn how to set yourself up for success, tap the UK’s Hidden Job Market and successfully navigate your interview and negotiate your Dream Job offer.

Set yourself up for success

70% of hiring managers say they check a candidate’s social media profiles. Your LinkedIn profile will almost certainly be checked, and even though it’s rarer in the UK, your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts may also be reviewed.

So you need to audit what’s out there before you start your job search.

This doesn’t mean locking down all your social media accounts or deleting old posts you’re not proud about. But it does mean making sure you know what’s accessible by people who don’t know you, and how that reflects on you as a professional.

If you’re not on LinkedIn, you need to be.

There are more than 27m people on LinkedIn in the UK, so it’s a basic expectation of a UK hiring manager that they’ll be able to find you there.

And speaking of finding you on LinkedIn, you need to have something interesting to say.

The way you’ll successfully tap the UK’s Hidden Job Market is by starting to establish yourself as a Thought Leader in your chosen niche.

So you’ll need a Thought Leadership Content Plan for what you’re going to post across your social media networks so that you start creating a name for yourself within your niche.

Networking with Key Influencers

And you’ll want to make sure that content gets in front of the right people, which means that networking with key influencers is absolutely crucial.

And it’s easier than you might think…

…but you must network carefully and with purpose.

No-one is going to give you a job after just connecting with you on LinkedIn.

But with the right approach you can develop strong relationships with key influencers – that is, people who can open doors for you in your job search – which will help you tap the UK’s Hidden Job Market.

When you have something of value to offer, it’s amazing how willing people are to engage with you and listen to what you have to say. 

Your CV and Covering Letter

You Thought Leadership and networking with key influencer activities will open many doors to finding your Dream Job in the UK. And at some point soon, you’ll be asked to send through your CV and a Covering Letter.

But what does a UK Hiring Manager expect these to look like?

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of terrible ‘advice’ online about how to write a CV.

So keeping it simple, 100% laser-focused on the role you’re applying for and showing actual, tangible achievements are key to getting (and keeping!) a Hiring Manager’s attention.

Because they don’t care if you say you’ve got ‘good communication skills’ – that’s a basic expectation.

And we’ve all had terrible bosses, so why does saying you’ve managed a team of 40 people mean anything to them?

Your CV isn’t a place to be modest, so make sure you explain precisely what you contributed to an achievement. Don’t talk about what the team achieved – the Hiring Manager is looking to hire you, not your workmates.

So get your CV and Covering Letter right as at this stage a Hiring Manager is still looking for reasons not to hire you. So don’t give them any!

Acing the interview

For skilled work in the UK, you’ll likely go through several rounds of interviews.

There are frequently tests – such as numeracy, literacy, problem-solving, case studies, etc. You may also experience a competency-based interview, where you’re asked to talk about how you’d solve a problem based on how you’ve done it before.

And you’ll definitely have interviews with HR and the Hiring Manager to make sure you’re the right personality fit for the role.

So you’ll need to know what to expect at each type of interview, how to prepare and how to make sure you ace them.

Negotiating your offer

What’s ‘normal’ when negotiating a job offer in the UK?

Who mentions salary first – you or the employer?

What should you do if the offer isn’t acceptable?

When you know what to expect with an offer, you know what levers you can pull to get the most favourable result.

Often, the offer is much more than just gross salary (because a UK Hiring Manager will never negotiate on net salary terms).

What about relocation expenses (which are actually tax-deductible)?

How much flexibility do you have with your working hours or location?

Can you carry over unused annual leave or do you lose it at the end of the year?

You need to know what levers you can play with to get the best offer for you, and to do it in a way that shows your professionalism.

STEP 4: Applying for your Skilled Worker visa

skilled worker visa

You must have a formal job offer before you can apply for a Skilled Worker visa. And because you did your background research in Step 1, you’ll know exactly what that job offer must look like.

Now it’s time to apply for your Skilled Worker visa.

And there are 3 ways you can do this:

> Apply directly yourself

> Appoint a professional immigration lawyer to make the application for you

> Use your new company’s immigration lawyer

Applying directly yourself is the most work for you but is also one of the cheapest.

You’ll need to make sure you gather all your supporting documents, correctly complete the UK visa application form online, book an appointment at your nearest visa application centre to enrol your biometrics, scan and upload your supporting documents and then wait for a decision.

UK Visas and Immigration currently advises of an 3-week processing time for Skilled Worker visa applications from outside the UK.

If you want to be 100% sure your UK Skilled Worker visa application is correct, you can appoint an immigration lawyer to prepare it for you. 

They’ll tell you precisely what supporting documents to prepare – including what information they need to contain and what any acceptable alternatives may be.

They’ll also fill your UK visa application form for you, handle all supporting document uploads and book an appointment for you at your chosen visa application centre.

If there are any queries from UKVI, your immigration lawyer will also deal with them on your behalf.

At this stage in getting your Dream Job in the UK, using an immigration lawyer can be hugely beneficial to avoid making a mistake at the last moment when you’ve already done all the hard work.

And depending upon the company you’re joining, as part of your offer you may even be able to use your new employer’s immigration lawyer free of charge.

So you get the benefit of knowing your UK Skilled Worker visa application will be 100% correctly prepared and it doesn’t cost anything.

STEP 5: Travel to the UK

travel to the uk

Once your UK Skilled Worker visa is approved, you can start making your final preparations to travel to the UK.

This includes confirming where you’re going to stay – both initially upon arrival and permanently – booking your travel and making sure you have all other logistics and insurances in place.

You’ll also need to make sure your finances are in order. As well as updating your budget, you’ll need British pounds for cash purchases and a way to make sure you can access additional funds when needed.

After arriving in the UK, you’ll need to make sure you do all legally required activities on time, such as collecting your Biometric Residence Permit and registering with the police, if you need to.

And before you start your Dream Job you’ll need to apply for a National Insurance (NI) number, open a UK bank account and start settling in to your new accommodation.

But once you’ve got these tasks covered, you’re ready to start your Dream Job in the UK. 

Start making your Dream a Reality

If you’ve read this far, you’ve already taken your first step towards getting your Dream Job in the UK. You’ve shown you have real interest and want to commit to learning how to do it properly, using techniques that actually work.

And here’s how you can start making your dream a reality with How to Get Your Dream Job in the UK.

How-to-Get-Your-Dream-Job-in-the-UK-(social) (1)

How to Get Your Dream Job in the UK shows you the techniques that actually work to land a skilled job in the UK – regardless of where you’re currently based.

On the course you get life-time access to updates, including 5+ hours of video content and access to more than a dozen templates to help you along the way, including CV and Covering Letter templates that show you exactly how to structure your job application for success.

These techniques have been repeatedly proven to win skilled, six-figure work in the UK and overseas in a number of different industries, including consulting, technology, healthcare, financial services, government services and more.

How to Get Your Dream Job in the UK includes:

> 10+ hours of bite-size video content that guides you through the job application, interview and visa application process in detail

> How to find out which UK companies can hire people from overseas, and how to keep up-to-date with changes

> Downloadable templates so you never have to start from a blank piece of paper when drafting CVs, covering letters or follow-up emails

> A UK CV and Covering Letter Masterclass covering layouts, content and techniques expected by the world’s best companies

> How you can avoid having to take an English language test to prove your language skills

> How to position yourself as a Thought Leader in your niche and have key influencers reach out to you for more information

> A ‘Moving to the UK’ spreadsheet to calculate and track all your costs

> Expert guidance on managing money and getting the most out of any foreign exchange transactions you need to make

How to Get Your Dream Job in the UK is a self-paced course, with new content released to you every week for 10 weeks. And by the end of it, you’ll be well on your way to getting your Dream Job in the UK and have UK Hiring Managers approaching you!

Learn from anywhere

How to Get Your Dream Job in the UK is an online course that you can do from anywhere you have an internet connection.

You don’t need any special software. The learning environment is powered by TalentLMS and you can access it through our dedicated workspace using a desktop or the TalentLMS mobile app.

You can switch between desktop and mobile app versions of the course without losing your place as your progress automatically syncs across devices.

So you can learn how to get your Dream Job in the UK from wherever suits you.


The resources I’ve used to create How to Get Your Dream Job in the UK cost tens of thousands of pounds to buy individually. Plus I’ve spent many years testing the approaches these resources teach, refining them to make sure they’re successful across multiple industries.

The regular price for How to Get Your Dream Job in the UK is £197.

But as a special May Bank Holiday offer I’m not going to charge you that.

The May Bank Holiday Sale price for How to Get Your Dream Job in the UK is just £97 (plus any applicable taxes)… but there are only 5 copies available at this price.

If you order How to Get Your Dream Job in the UK today, you will get everything listed above, plus these exclusive bonus resources:

> A personal 1:1 review of your updated CV and covering letter, with video feedback provided to you on how to make any further improvements (worth £197)

> A copy of the ebook Your Ultimate 5-step Guide to Making a Visa Application

> An Arrival in the UK checklist covering everything you need to do once you land in-country, from registering with the police to setting up a bank account

So if you’d like to sign up and take advantage of this one-time offer, you’ll need to act fast.

As when those 5 copies have gone, the price goes up to £197.

What people are saying about How to Get Your Dream Job in the UK

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30-day money back guarantee

When you buy your copy of the How to Get Your Dream Job in the UK course, you’ll get our 30-day money back guarantee.

So if for whatever reason you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, just email me within 30 days of purchase and I’ll refund your money. 

No questions asked.


The most common question we get asked is ‘how can I work in the UK?’ The visa is just one part of that process – in fact, it’s one of the last parts – so we decided to look at how we can help people get started on their journey to work in the UK more holistically, not just focusing on the visa.

Help with my visa! is run by Gareth Richards, a former independent consultant and advisor who has routinely found new work in the UK 2-3 times per year over many years. 

He’s worked in three different countries, lived in four, and with an MBA from a top London business school he’s also been through the latest careers advice courses that teach people how to successfully land skilled jobs in the UK. 

Gareth has applied these experiences and skills to land work paying thousands of pounds per day, working for FTSE-250 companies, international technology firms, institutional investors and national governments. The How to Land Your Dream Job in the UK course is based on the approaches and techniques Gareth uses to win high-paying skilled work in the UK and overseas in industries as diverse as movie production, winemaking, travel, management consultancy, digital technologies, fast-moving consumer goods and financial services.

We can give you the latest tools, guidance and support for you to successfully land your dream job, but there are some things that we cannot help with. 

If you can’t speak English to business level, don’t have the kind of skills required by the UK or aren’t serious about doing the work that’s needed to be able to move to the UK to work, then this course isn’t for you

On the other hand, if you’re extremely motivated to start a new life working in the UK, can evidence good English language skills and can offer the kind of talent and skills needed by UK-based employers, as long as you’re prepared to put in the effort required by this course it will work for you.

We’ve successfully applied the approach this course teaches in more than a dozen industries. The principles and techniques you’ll learn can be applied for any type of skilled job, regardless of industry.

Once you’ve gone through the CV and covering letter masterclass video and re-written your documents, you can email them to us for review. We’ll then record a screen share video to talk you through what changes we’d suggest you make, and send you a link to that video. You’ll only get the option to do this once, so make sure you’ve followed all the guidance in the masterclass before emailing your CV and covering letter to us.

No, you only need free-to-use software, a computer and internet connection. Templates are provided in Google Docs or Sheets format, and video links are available from our Google Drive vault, which you’ll get access to. You can download all documents and save them in a different format if you wish, such as MS Word or Pages.

Within 30 days of purchase, if for whatever reason you decide you don’t want to continue with the course and want your money back, you can email us and we’ll refund your money. No questions asked… although we would be grateful if you could tell us if you found anything not to your satisfaction so we can improve the course for future customers.

If you’ve pre-ordered the course, the 30-day money back guarantee starts from the day you get your course login details, so you still have a full month to decide if it’s right for you.

Yes, you can make a secure payment by credit/ debit card or Paypal. Credit/ debit cards are processed by the Stripe payment gateway, and both Stripe and Paypal use industry-standard AES-256 encryption for payments as well as two-factor authentication. This means your payment is secured using the same type of encryption used by commercial banks.

Payments made by Paypal and credit cards typically also have additional security features if you need to query or put a hold on a payment, giving you additional peace of mind.

We’ll automatically email you your payment receipt as soon as your purchase goes through. You’ll get your course link via email shortly afterwards.

Yes it is!

You can download the TalentLMS app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Enter the domain as when prompted, then use your login credentials to access the course.

Yes it does, as long you you have an internet connection your progress will be saved on the mobile app and you won’t lose your place if you login on your desktop or laptop later on.

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