Finding trusted help when applying for a visa or residency permit was a massive issue cited by the lovely people who responded to our market sounding survey when we were validating the business case for Help with my visa!. 

Over 85% of respondents said they were either unclear on where to find trusted help or simply had absolutely no clue of where to start. 

Coupled with the finding that 55% of people thought the process of applying for a visa or residency permit was difficult to very difficult – with a further 20% saying it was moderately challenging – our research showed that people desperately wanted help when applying for their visa or residency permit but didn’t know where to turn. 

And this is where we come in.

The Airbnb of immigration advice(!)

Help with my visa! connects visa applicants with vetted immigration advisors who are authorised to provide immigration advice and visa services, kind of like an Airbnb for helping people find and buy the right visa and residency permit application assistance. Our immigration advisor network is integral to the success of Help with my visa! and for our customers’ own peace of mind that the services they are buying are of a transparent level of quality.

To become a Help with my visa! immigration advisor, an organisation can apply by filling out a simple web form. We then get in touch to find out more about their business, including checking their financial standing, customer service and regulatory registrations. We then agree what kinds of products and services the immigration advisor wants to sell through Help with my visa! and within a couple of days they’re live on our site.

Five Star Service *****

Our immigration advisor diligence doesn’t stop at this point, however. We employ a rating system, again, just like what you see on Airbnb, where customers who’ve used an immigration advisor can rate the quality of their service. We have controls in place to ensure that only actual customers can submit feedback and reviews, not any Tom, Dick or Harry with an internet connection, so the scores you see are from real customers only.

trustpilot review help with my visa

We aim to keep the quality of our immigration advisor network high, and when a service rating drops below four stars we engage the immigration advisor to try to understand why, and how we can help. It’s in everyone’s interest to make sure the services provided through Help with my visa! are top notch, as consumers are placing greater emphasis on trust when making online purchases, better review ratings are proven to increase sales conversions with immigration advisors and Help with my visa! also benefits from this virtuous trust circle, making it win-win-win.

Annual check-ups

Finally, we review immigration advisor registrations are a regular basis – at least once per year – to ensure their businesses are still financially strong and that they continue to hold the necessary accreditations for the services they provide. This way you can be sure that all our immigration advisors are bona fide organisations able to help you to the best of their ability.


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