Want to reach more customers on mobile?

How about selling your services any time of the day or night without lifting a finger?

And what about automating your admin so you can spend more time with your customers?

To do all this and more risk-free and at zero cost, register as a Seller on the Help with my visa! marketplace for immigration advice.

Want to reach more customers on mobile?

How about selling your services any time of the day or night without lifting a finger?

And what about automating your admin so you can spend more time with your customers?

To do all this and more risk-free and at zero cost, register as a Seller on the Help with my visa! marketplace for immigration advice.

Help with my visa! is a digital marketplace for buying and selling immigration advice. 

We list your products and services for sale and let customers buy from you 24/7. 

Our marketplace service is like an ‘Expedia’ for immigration advice – we provide the marketing and technology to increase your sales but we don’t get involved in the delivery of immigration advice services.

When you register as a Seller we’ll take you through the simple 5-step setup process and agree a launch date with you so you can start selling.

Reach more customers on mobile


The Help with my visa! marketplace is designed for use on mobile. 

When you register as a Seller with us you benefit from being able to reach and sell to your customers wherever they are and on any device.

We’ve highlighted in a recent blog post how research shows people use their mobiles 2x more than desktops, while in the UK, people check their mobile phone on average every 12 minutes.

Our own usage statistics back this up, with 75-80% of our digital marketing spend going towards mobile visitors.

If you’d like to optimise your immigration advice business for mobile but are concerned about the time, cost and effort needed to do so, you can bypass all the ‘noise’ and register as a Seller on Help with my visa! and let us give you a sales channel that is mobile friendly.

Sell any time of the day or night

i want it now any time day or night

People want to be able to do things when it best suits them.

This may well be during a normal working day but it could also be late evening or even in the early hours of the morning.

When you register as a Seller on the Help with my visa! marketplace, we let you sell to customers any time of the day or night.

You setup an appointment schedule with us and customers buy from you – via us – at a time that suits them.

We give you the ability to grow your immigration advice sales without lifting a finger and even after you’ve clocked off for the day.

Save time and automate your admin

setup appointments

Scheduling appointments.

Raising invoices.

Chasing payments.

The admin needed to run a business can be a huge drain on your time.

That’s why we’ve automated all of these processes so you can spend more time with your customers.

When you register as a Seller with us we’ll setup an online appointment booking system for you. You have full control over this system and can make changes to availability, appointment lengths and more either directly through the Seller’s Portal we give you access to or by asking us to make the changes on your behalf. No more checking calendars for availability whenever you get an enquiry, you benefit from an online appointment booking system when selling through us that keeps your time organised.

When a customer books an appointment with you on the marketplace, we also take the fee payment online using a secure payment gateway. Once the transaction is complete, we automatically raise and email VAT-compliant invoices to both you and the customer, so you both have copies of the transaction. 

We operate an automated pay-out system through the Help with my visa! marketplace, so the fees we collect on your behalf are automatically remitted to you at an agreed frequency. So no more chasing debtors or worrying about payments, we collect the money upfront and hold it in a trading account until it’s time to remit.

It's risk-free doing business with us...

nop risk

There really is no risk selling through us.

Our marketing and operating practices are fully compliant with the OISC Code of Standards and we’ve gone into fine detail to ensure that the way we operate doesn’t put our Sellers at risk. We also vet all immigration advisers when they apply to become Sellers to ensure that they hold the correct credentials with OISC or the SRA.

As an immigration adviser, there’s no charge to you for selling your products and services through Help with my visa! and we don’t charge you a penny for registering (more on that below!).

We’ve designed the Seller registration process to be light-touch and we only ask you for information you have documented as part of your business anyway.

We do all the heavy lifting setting up your Help with my visa! account and once you go-live you have the option to manage your account with us directly using the Seller’s Portal or ask us to make changes on your behalf.

You’re free to delist from the Help with my visa! marketplace at any time and for any reason – there’s no contract with us or notice period, just a requirement to discharge your remaining obligations to your customers who bought from you through us.

There really is no risk working with us. It’ll take less an hour of your time to get setup and you can be selling through Help with my visa! in a matter of days.

... and is really zero cost!

free of charge

It costs you nothing to sell through us.

No registration fees.

No subscription charges.

No commission.

There’re no cancellation penalties either if you ever do decide to delist from the Help with my visa! marketplace.

As an immigration adviser it will literally cost you nothing to sell your products and services through us.

If you’re wondering how we can offer a sustainable business this way, we make money through charging a small transaction fee to the visa applicant when they buy from you via the marketplace. This transaction fee goes towards our operating costs and investment in growth initiatives to attract even more customers. We also make a small amount of money from digital advertising, but the bulk of our revenues come from this visa applicant transaction fee. 

Are you ready to register as a Seller?

Register as a Seller

You're just a few clicks away from registering as a Seller on Help with my visa!

Still have questions?

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from immigration advisers.

What types of services can I sell through Help with my visa?

Most Sellers offer for sale a combination of up to four different services: full advice, application form filling, document checking and application support.

Full Advice

This is the most common type of service and it’s a complete end-to-end immigration advice service. 

With Full Advice you’ll typically advise your customers on what type of visa application to make, what documents are needed, what those documents need to contain, fill out the application form on their behalf, make all fee payments on their behalf and book an appointment for them at a visa application centre or embassy/ consulate.

Application Form Filling

Does exactly what it’s name suggests, it’s a service to only fill out the customer’s visa application form.

Document Checking

A ‘lighter’ version of Full Advice where the customer has already completed the visa application form and prepared their documents and you check them for accuracy and completeness, advising on what needs to be changed (if anything) to comply with the immigration or visa rules.

Application support

Application Support involves helping the customer book an appointment and submit their visa application. This service is typically offered if you have access to fast-track appointments not available to members of the public or if you provide special needs support during the application submission process, such as interpretation or support to vulnerable customers.

If you’d like to offer a different set of services – or bundles some of the above together into a single offering – just let us know. We can help you craft a service description and add the new service to your profile so it shows up for sale along with everything else.

Is Help for me visa! for UK visa applications only?

No, we let you sell immigration advice services to people applying for UK visas and visas for any other country – as long as both you and your customer are based in the UK.

So for UK visas, the services you can offer are exclusively for visa renewals or for those who are already in-country and are looking to change their application route. We don’t offer services to customers based overseas at this point in time, so no visitor visa applications or first-time applications from abroad.

As for visas for other countries, as long as the customer meets that country’s immigration rules and is physically based in the UK making their visa application, then you can offer your services to customers applying for a visa to any country in the world.

What will my products and services look like when they're listed?

We’ve arranged products and services into categories (i.e. countries) and sub-categories (i.e. visa types). 

When we setup your Help with my visa! profile we’ll tag your products and services so they appear in the correct category and sub-category.

search for visas - categories

Countries Page

Customers select the country for which they want to apply for a visa

search for visas - visas

Visas Page

Customers select the visa type and service level they require

You can also use other attributes to further differentiate your offerings, such as adding a location, delivery channel (e.g. in person, post, telephone, etc.) or another attribute. These attributes, when added, appear as menu items on the right-hand side to let your customers better refine their searches.

How do customers find the right products and services they need?

Customers have three ways to find the products and services they need:

  1. Title menu: customers can click on the ‘Search for visas‘ title menu from any page to go to the products and services page. From here they can select the country from which they need their visa, then choose a visa type that matches their circumstances.
  2. Side menu: all customer-facing pages also have a side menu that lists countries and visa types. Customers can then click through to the product or service that they need.
  3. Search bar: customers can also use one of the two search bars by entering a query, just like on a search engine. There’s a search bar in the header menu on every page, and where the side menu is shown, there’s also another search bar that does exactly the same thing.

When we run digital marketing campaigns we also create specific landing pages that take customers directly to a web page that’s tailored to that campaign’s goals. So when we’re promoting UK Tier 4 Student visa renewals, we’ll create a specific landing page for that campaign that explains everything the customer needs to know about making that type of application as well as listing all the relevant products and services. 

What marketing is Help with my visa! doing to promote my products and services?

We use a number of techniques to promote your products and services as well as the Help with my visa! marketplace in general.

Every product or service page we publish goes through a process of search engine optimisation (SEO) that ensures it meets best practice search criteria with Google and Bing, and as a consequence, ranks high organically.

Linked to this is keyword optimisation, where we ensure your products and service use the most relevant keywords so that they’re easily findable by search engines and again, rank higher.

We also run digital marketing campaigns using Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. In these campaigns we may direct customers specifically to your products and services or a landing page that contains more information and links to what you sell. This means you benefit from our digital marketing spend and advertising expertise without having to lift a finger.

Can I use Help with my visa! to list services for asylum applications?

Yes, as long as you both hold the correct level of registration with OISC or the SRA and you charge for your services. You can then list asylum application services alongside your other services.

I'm a non-profit immigration adviser, can I use Help with my visa to list my services?

We’re developing a business model to address this market segment. We’d be interested in speaking to people and organisations in this space so that we can develop a business model that works for your customers and the way you run your business. 

If you’re a non-profit immigration adviser, you may want to join our mailing list to keep informed of our progress and get involved in how we can help build a service that meets the needs of your customers.

What does the vetting process for immigration advisers look like?

We perform two checks on your business as part of the vetting process:

  1. Registrations: we validate your registration with either the OISC or SRA for the types of products and services you wish to sell through the Help with my visa! marketplace. This ensures we only list for sale products and services you have the legal right to sell and it protects the integrity of the marketplace for you and your peers.
  2. Free Cash Flow: we’ll ask for your last 3 years of annual reports to check the financial health of your business. We use a metric called ‘free cash-flow‘ that shows how the levels of free cash in your business have changed over time. Ideally we’re looking for positive or stable levels of free cash-flow, but if you have negative free cash-flow we’ll reach out to better understand why. 
These checks ensure that we only list products and services on the Help with my visa! marketplace that immigration advisers have a legal right to offer for sale, and that those immigration advisers are running financially-sound businesses. 

How long does it take to register as a Seller on Help with my visa?

We’ve made the registration process as light-touch as possible and we only ask for information you have the hand already for running your business.

We estimate it should take no more than 30 minutes of your time to prepare everything we need to register you as a Seller.

We’ll need some basic details about your business to perform the vetting process, as well as your fee schedule and a list of the products and services you wish to sell. 

We take care of setting you up, and if you need to make any changes in the future you can either use the Seller Portal to make them yourself directly, or ask us to make a change on your behalf.

Are you ready to Register as a Seller?

Register as a Seller

You're just a few clicks away from registering as a Seller on Help with my visa!
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