In this episode of the Help with my visa! Podcast we speak with Sofia Chowdhury about how she moved to the UK and successfully found her Dream Job. Sofia talks us through the her UK visa journey and how she used further education, networking and social media to get her Dream Job in the UK.

If you’re thinking about moving to the UK to find your Dream Job, you need to hear Sofia’s experience! And don’t forget to scroll to the end of this page to find out more about how you can get help finding your Dream Job in the UK.

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Sofia Chowdhury, Clinical Researcher

Sofia has just submitted her Indefinite Leave to Remain application for permanent residency in the UK, but her journey has been longer than most.

As a Russian national, Sofia originally trained as a cardiologist in her home country and gained a PhD before moving into a leadership and project management role at a global organisation.

When her husband moved to the UK to train as an accountant, Sofia moved with him, but then relocated back to Russia after starting a family so she could be closer to her support network.

But once her children had started to grow up, Sofia and kids re-joined her husband in the UK where she decided she wanted to make a career change, and move back into the medical sector as a clinical researcher.

Networks are key

However, without a network in the UK or qualifications from a recognisable institution, Sofia faced a number of challenges. After speaking with a former colleague, she created a plan to gain as much relevant experience as possible in the UK and to broaden her network and increase the chances of getting her Dream Job.

She started with a LinkedIn overhaul, making sure she could be found online, and showcased her academic and professional achievements.

Even though her English was excellent at the time, Sofia spent a year improving her English skills so she could handle the “plethora of accents” found in UK daily life.

She also started to do a number of short courses at the prestigious University of Edinburgh, which helped her to network with key influencers within her clinical research niche. Sofia describes this experience as “absolutely critical” for getting her Dream Job in the UK. Not only could Sofia start to point towards excellent short course results at a top UK clinical research institution, but she could also start to tap her growing network and even name-drop them into conversations she was having at interview.

Make sure you're a perfect match

With her cardiologist background and a PhD, you may think Sofia could find work in the UK no problem. That wasn’t the case however. In fact, Sofia’s certain her PhD made it harder for her to find a job as a clinical researcher.

Your CV has to be a perfect match with the potential employer’s expectations,” says Sofia. So where in places like Russia, more experience is better, in the UK your experience needs to be absolutely aligned with what the hiring manager is looking for. And for some roles, her PhD made her look over-qualified.

There’s also the dreaded ‘job portal’ where you fire your CV into an online system and it gets scanned for the presence of keywords. If you don’t have the right keywords on your CV, it never even gets reviewed by a human.

So Sofia strongly advises you need to make sure you tailor your CV to the requirements of the role.

Get help with your visa

Sofia had been through many UK visa applications but the Indefinite Leave to Remain application was the big one – she didn’t want to leave anything to chance.

Previously, she’d prepared all her visa applications herself, but this time she sought professional assistance through Help with my visa! and spoke to a professional immigration advisor in a visa consultation.

The call only lasted 17 minutes but Sofia got absolutely everything she needed. And with the offer to reach out again if she had further questions, she was extremely happy with the outcome.

How to get your Dream Job in the UK

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