Thanks for visiting! It was great to speak to you on Thursday and I hope the short presentation I gave at the end of the Fragomen/ TLScontact session has sparked an interest for you in Help with my visa! As promised, here's some more detail on what working with Help with my visa! looks like. I've also included contact details if you'd like get in touch with me to set up a one-to-one call to discuss your business.

What is Help with my visa?

Help with my visa is a digital marketplace for buying and selling immigration advice services.

We list for sale the services you provide and let people book and pay for an appointment with you entirely online.

This gives you a new, 100% digital sales channel that’s open for clients to buy from you 24/7. And as we’re completely mobile responsive, they can do this anywhere in the world using any device.

When you’re part of the Help with my visa! marketplace you also benefit from the marketing and PR campaigns we’re running, which include:

  • Social media campaigns and posts across five social channels
  • Paid advertising campaigns through Google Ads and Facebook Ads
  • Collaboration opportunities on podcasts, blogs and ebooks
  • Email marketing campaigns

The set up process to list on Help with my visa! has been designed to be a light-touch as possible. We only need about 1 hour of hands-on time with you to get started, and then we set up your entire service listings for you.

Like the 'Airbnb' for immigration advice services

Probably the best analogous company to us is Airbnb.

Sure, we’re not quite as big (!) but our operating and revenue models are almost identical.

Our operating model

While on Airbnb you have Hosts who list accommodation availability that Guests book through the Airbnb platform, we do the same for the immigration advice services you offer.

We list all the immigration advice services you provide on the Help with my visa! marketplace and let people book and buy those service from you on our platform.

And just like Airbnb doesn’t list it’s own accommodation, we don’t provide any immigration advice services ourselves – we only facilitate the sale of services you fulfil.

Our revenue model

Our revenue model is very similar to Airbnb. Help with my visa! is free for you to join and we don’t charge you any subscription fees. You’re only charged a 5% commission when a sale actually goes through, with the customer also paying a 3-5% commission service fee on the transaction.

Commissions for initial consultations do differ slightly, in that they’re a £25 flat fee, but we don’t charge any further commission if a client books an initial consultation with you and then decides to go for a full immigration advice service. The commission is only paid on the initial consultation.

What our current immigration lawyers say about us

We currently have six immigration firms registered on Help with my visa! and our intention is to grow this number to 20 by the end of the year.

Here’s what some of them have to say about working with us so far:


What does the set up process look like?

We’ve designed the set up process to be as light-touch as possible an we only need about 1 hour hands-on of your time.

Here are the 5 steps we’ll guide you through:

  1. Initial Call: we first set up a 30-minute initial call to run through any questions you may have and go into further detail on anything you require. We’ll then follow this up with an email that covers exactly what we ned from you to get started.
  2. Walkthrough Demo: we’ll set up a demo service for you on a Help with my visa! test site and record a 10-15 minute screen share video to show you what we’ve done, how we’ve optimised the page for search and where you have the opportunity to further customise or feedback changes to content.
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3. Service and Fee Information: to build out the rest of your services we need you to send us a list of everything you want to sell through Help with my visa! and what prices you charge. See the FAQ section below for more detail on this – it’s normal to have a lot of questions! We’ll also go over your appointment schedule with you to make sure we’re offering the right capacity and timings for your business.

4. Diligence and Service Agreement: we vet each organisation we welcome to Help with my visa! to ensure you hold the correct regulatory accreditations for the services you wish to sell, that your business is operating as a going concern and that you’ve got positive feedback from satisfied customers. Once passed, we’ll send you a Service Agreement for e-signature that codifies our mutual responsibilities and how we’ll work together.

5. Launch Date: we’ll mutually agree a launch dat with you and promotion plan so you know how your launch with us will be marketed. To get the most out of launch marketing we strongly recommend you look to dovetail your own marketing with our activities to give your business the maximum exposure.

Usually, we can have you set up and launched on Help with my visa! within two weeks of an initial call. It may, however, take a little longer if there are multiple organisations listing with us at the same time or if there are any sign-off or information provision delays.

How do I manage my listings once live?

Once you’re live with us, there are two ways you can make listing changes:

  1. Management Portal: you’ll get access to your own management portal where you can also make minor changes to listings, such as price changes and appointment availability
  2. Change Request: just drop us an email with your request and we’ll do it for you

Immigration lawyer benefits

When you join the Help with my visa! marketplace you’ll benefit from:

  • a new, 100% digital sales channel that works for you 24/7
  • coverage in digital marketing campaigns across 5 social media networks, multiple podcast networks and Google and Facebook paid ad campaigns
  • PR opportunities to further enhance your brand through contributing to podcasts, blogs and ebooks
  • a done-for-you set up service that’s incredibly light-touch and will only require 1 hour of your time
  • no sign-up fees and no subscriptions, you’ll only ever pay us something when you actually make a sale!

Schedule an initial call

To get started – or simply to find out more (no obligations!) – you can send me an email on the below email address and we can arrange an initial call. We’ll probably need 30 minutes, depending upon how many questions you have, and I have slots available from Friday 2 October and all the following week.

Email me on: [email protected]


Hi, this is Gareth! I’m the Founder and CEO of Help with my visa! I’ve been in the visas and immigration business since 2009, when I started out as a project manager at TLScontact in Beijing, China. 

During my time with TLScontact I worked on dozens of projects around the world, including the solution design and bid management for the UKVI NGOV contract win. 

Since 2015, I’ve ben an independent consultant in the visas and immigration space, working for TT Services (now part of VFS Global) on a Schengen visa value proposition; advising UKVI on ‘what good looks like’ for the FES contract (which became UKVCAS); managing the technology design for Sopra Steria on the UKVCAS project and advising institutional investors, sovereign wealth funds and strategy consultancies on investing in the visa outsourcing business. 

I hold an MBA from a top London business school, and have done executive courses at MIT in Digital Transformation and Columbia Business School in Digital Marketing.

There’s a stack of research out there that highlights customers expect a seamless, mobile-first sales experience. 

But the way people access professional services like immigration advice is still very iterative and involves using several different channels. 

Traditionally, customers may start their journey online, find the website of an immigration adviser and then call them up. There’s then an email exchange, perhaps another call, and then an appointment is booked. Fees then need to be paid and the immigration advice service provided. 

What we’ve done on Help with my visa! is streamline this process so that it’s 100% digital and can be completed in less than 3 minutes using any device. It makes the sales process easier for both the customer and the immigration professional by providing that seamless digital experience that’s fully mobile responsive.

Souter Point Ltd is the limited company behind Help with my visa! Souter Point was established in 2015 as a personal contracting company capable of undertaking other business activities. Help with my visa! is a trade name of Souter Point Ltd. Gareth Richards is the Managing Director and sole shareholder of Souter Point Ltd.

No, we’re not registered with the OISC and nor do we have to. Before we launched we wrote to the OISC to confirm that registration with them didn’t apply to our proposed business model. After exchanging several emails, the OISC agreed with our position that as we’re providing a marketplace service and not immigration advice, we don’t need to register with them. They did however, provide some useful feedback on managing client funds, facilitating refunds and handling complaints that we’ve now incorporated into our operating model.

We’re working with our friends at Fragomen to double check that our operating model is compliant with SRA regulations. Many of the operating model changes we made in response to OISC feedback meet SRA expectations and we’re confident that even if we do need to make further changes in areas like commission payments, we can design a process that suits all parties.

We’ve taken a ‘privacy by design’ approach to developing Help with my visa! that means we only collect user data we actually need to conduct the marketplace services we provide. Basically, this means we capture the user’s full name, email address and telephone, plus the type of visa they’re applying for. All of this is captured with GDPR-compliant opt-in consent for us to control and process this data and share it with the immigration services provider the user has bought a service from.

Yes, we’re registered with the ICO under our registered company name Souter Point Ltd with Help with my visa! listed as a trade name.

It costs nothing – there are zero sign-up fees.

No, for all services we currently offer there are no monthly subscription fees. We may introduce optional subscription services in the future but will always retain the free level of service you currently enjoy without any degradation of service.

Potentially, yes.

We run affiliate schemes with partners and can also offer other ‘added value services’ to customers during the checkout process.

Affiliate schemes work both inbound and outbound. 

If you have a website or service that could send Help with my visa! qualified leads, you can earn a commission on any sales from website referrals. For example, you may run a language teaching school, visa application centre or travel booking service that could refer people to Help with my visa!

Similarly, we can send you qualified leads from Help with my visa! with you paying us a commission on referrals or sales.

If you offer added value services or complementary products or services that customers can use during the immigration advice or visa application process, we can also offer them for sale at checkout as upsells or cross-sells. For example, if you accompany people to visa application centres, can obtain official documents for travellers or can collect biometrics in a home or office, we can offer these services for sale to customers as they checkout.

There are many ways we could potentially structure such arrangements, if you have an idea please do get in touch so we can discuss options. 

For initial consultations – advice services of up to 1-hour in duration – there’s a flat £25 transaction fee payable.

If a client does an initial consultation with you and then decides to pay for a full immigration advice service, you DO NOT ned to pay any further commission to Help with my visa! We only charge commission on the initial consultation booking.

We can go through this commission payment on our Initial Call.

Immigration lawyers may pay a commission of up to 5% on each transaction. This is one of the variables we’ve had to adjust due to OISC and SRA regulations but the 5% fee is a maximum commission you can expect to pay on a full immigration advice service.

For initial consultations – advice services of up to 1-hour in duration – there’s a flat £25 transaction fee payable.

If a client does an initial consultation with you and then decides to pay for a full immigration advice service, you DO NOT ned to pay any further commission to Help with my visa! We only charge commission on the initial consultation booking.

We can go through this commission payment on our Initial Call.

Yes, the price of each immigration advice service is clearly displayed.


We know that some immigration lawyers choose to publish their price, while others prefer not to.


We’re working on enhancing the way Help with my visa! displays service information so that users can make more informed decisions based on criteria other than price, such as immigration lawyer location, service language, trust/ feedback rating and other information. This is due to go-live towards the end of October.

We recognise cash is the lifeblood of business so we’ve put in place an invoicing system aimed to pay out as soon as practical that is twice as fast as most B2B invoicing periods.

We collect the full immigration advice fees from the client when they book an appointment with you on Help with my visa!


You can invoice us up to twice per month for these fees and we’ll remit them to you within 14 days.

Each invoice needs to include each client’s reference number and the invoice becomes payable on the day of your initial consultation.

We require 14 days to pay you as our payment gateway can take up to 10 days for funds to clear.

You can track all payments outstanding and paid in the management portal we give you access to when you launch with us.

Not necessarily.

We’ve incorporated price complexity into many of the services currently sold through Help with my visa! such as:

  • Dependent pricing: charging the full rate for the lead applicant but reduced rates for dependents
  • Financial requirements: channeling users to a cheaper/ more expensive immigration advice services depending upon how they meet the financial requirements
  • Other criteria: such as relationship status

We can also include more than one such variation in a single service offering to ensure users find the right service based on their circumstances.

Each service description clearly states that if the user purchases the ‘wrong’ service, such as a cheaper version, they will be expected to pay an additional fee to top up at their initial consultation.

Unfortunately, yes.

We took professional tax advice from our accountant on this subject, and as Souter Point Ltd is registered for VAT we need to charge VAT on everything sold through Help with my visa!

If your business is registered for VAT you’ll invoice us including VAT payable. You’ll then be responsible for settling your VAT bill with HMRC.

If your business is not registered for VAT, you’ll invoice us excluding VAT. We’ll then settle the VAT payment to HMRC.

We use a plugin that automatically calculates VAT payable based on the location of the customer in accordance with UK and EU legislation.

Current rates of VAT in the UK and EU are automatically applied for each purchase by the plugin, and where no VAT is payable, it’s not charged to the customer.

You’ll benefit from exposure on digital marketing campaigns we run across our five social channels, multiple podcast channels, email and digital advertising.

Facebook: we post daily updates relating to visa market updates, the launch of new Help with my visa! Services and other topical information.

LinkedIn: we post more business-orientated content, including new service launches and B2B news in the visa market.

Instagram: we run a user-generated content account that re-posts stunning travel photography from dozens of content partners.

YouTube: we publish a fortnightly video podcast covering areas of travel, mobility and immigration

Podcasts: we publish audio-only versions of the podcasts through several channels, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify.

Twitter: we cross-promote everything we post on the above channels.

Email: we regularly run email and lead nurture campaigns to our 2600+ email subscribers.

Digital Advertising: we run paid ads on Google and Facebook both to stimulate leads and retarget people who’ve previously engaged with us

We regularly offer our immigration lawyer partners the opportunity to contribute to marketing and PR campaigns. You can contribute to blogs and ebooks and we will include links back to specific services you offer on Help with my visa! To boost your profile. For example, if you were to contribute to a blog post on the Health and Care visa, we’ll link back to your service on Help with my visa! so readers will be funneled directly to your business. You can also guest star on the Help with my visa! Podcast where you’ll receive a significant amount of promotion that we put into launching each episode across all social and podcast channels. The podcast also gives you something to share in your own marketing and PR.

Help with my visa! runs on a WordPress platform and uses a WooCommerce storefront for ecommerce services. We use a number of other WooCommerce and third-party plugins to power the user experience, optimise performance and for security.

We use HubSpot as our CRM, which is connected to the WooCommerce storefront.

All data is held in the UK in either the HubSpot cloud or by our hosting service provider 34sp.

Near-term, we’re planning to launch four new initiatives that will come online by the end of the year:

  • Facebook Messenger chatbot: this chatbot will handle basic queries on how users can get help with their visa application and guide them to the right page on the Help with my visa! website.
  • New website theme: this update will include redesigning product pages to bring call-to-action buttons above-the-fold to increase add-to-basket clicks; introducing a service comparison tool that uses multiple factors to let customers compare offerings; and providing immigration lawyers with a better homepage on Help with my visa! that allows them to showcase more information.
  • Interactive click funnel: an interactive tool, based on the Facebook Messenger chatbot, that takes users through a series of questions to guide them to the right page on Help with my visa!
  • Updated product management tool: a backend improvement that will reduce the time it takes for us to set up a nw immigration lawyer on the platform. Once set up we expect the hand-on time required to set up a new supplier on Help with my visa! to reduce by 80% from what it currently is.

And longer-term, we will continue to add new immigration lawyers to the marketplace and increase the breadth and depth of partnership campaigns we run to drive more traffic to the website. Partnerships include referrals programmes, PR campaigns and joint marketing promotions.

If you ultimately decide Help with my visa! isn’t for you, you’re free to delist at any time and for any reason. All we require is 30 days notice and for you to fulfil any appointments booked through Help with my visa! even if they take place after you’ve delisted.

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