If you have a question about Help with my visa! please look through the below FAQs to see if you can find your answer. We update this list frequently so do check back if you can’t find what you’re looking for right away.

Contacting Help with my Visa!

If you’d like to make a complaint about the Help with my visa! service, you can submit a complaint form. Please be as specific as you can when outlining your complaint and we’ll aim to respond to you within 72 business hours. You can find our full Complaints Policy on our Make a Complaint page.

If you’d like to make a complaint about any other part of the service you’ve received when applying for your visa or residency permit, please direct that complaint to the correct party to address your concerns. 

You can complaint to your immigration adviser directly, or if they’re part of a regulated body, you may also have the option to complain directly to the regulator or escalate a complaint to a regulatory if you’re unhappy with the response you received.

The contact details for all regulators our immigration advisers are covered by can be found on our Make a Complaint page.

Immigration Advisers

Yes, they will. But here’s how you can address this if it’s an issue.

The main purpose of a marketplace service like Help with my visa! is to give customers the ability to compare service offerings and select the one that best fits their needs.

People may buy for a number of reasons, such brand loyalty, a good previous experience, recommendations, unique offerings, appointment availability and location, but a very big factor will be price.

And this can cut two ways.

If there’s significant difference between the cheapest price and the most expensive, customers may not necessarily go for the cheaper option as they’ll question why a professional service is so cheap.

Conversely, customers need a very big reason to buy the most expensive service on the marketplace, so while this can be addressed through more compelling explanations of value, a high price will result in less product page views.

So how you you address this?

The best way to address this is to offer a competitively-priced 30- to 60-minute visa consultation service, which can then be used to upsell a full immigration advice service.

We can work with you to create visa consultation services that are suited for specific types of customer, such as investors or students, and promote these alongside full service immigration advice offerings so they appear more attractive and gather more product page views.

You also have the option to offer a generic visa consultation service that can be aimed at people who are unsure of where to start, or have several visa type options.

We recognise that being part of a marketplace means giving up a degree of control on how your business is represented online, so to alleviate these concerns we do three things:

  1. Seller Agreement: we both sign a Seller Agreement before we start working together, which codifies our relationship. There are also clauses in the Agreement around representation so that you have legal coverage in the event of a representation dispute.
  2. Product Sign-off: during your set up, we’ll record a short screen-capture video of a sample product page we’ve set up for you and we’ll talk you through what we’ve done and why. We can also provide the copy if you’d like to read it in more detail. We will request that you review this set up – as all other products will follow exactly the same set up – and give us email confirmation you’re happy with it. If you’d like to suggest changes, you can also do so and we’ll do our best to incorporate them.
  3. Marketing: it’s in both your and our best interest to represent your business in our marketing as professionally and positively as possible. Most of our immigration advisers are happy for us to work under the spirit and guidelines of the Seller Agreement with marketing and promotions, however if you do need or would like advanced oversight of any marketing campaigns featuring your business, please let us know and we’ll make sure you receive campaign materials in good time for review and sign-off.

You’re also free to request any changes to the way your business is represented on Help with my visa! at any time, just send us an email and we’ll get right on it.

It costs you nothing to join Help with my visa! as a Seller.

There are also no subscription fees either.

You only pay us a small commission when you actually make a sale.

You can find out more by completing a Seller Registration form and book a call with us. We’ll talk you through the Help with my visa! service, set up and selling process and answer any questions you may have.

Want to receive more information beforehand? Join our mailing list to receive regular updates.

No, and as a marketplace that only markets immigration advice services on behalf of registered immigration advisers, Help with my visa! doesn’t need to be.

The OISC Code of Conduct is very clear on this point, and as immigration advisers aren’t paying for any customer referrals there is no conflict of interest.

Furthermore, Help with my visa! only provides publicly-available guidance to users with links back to verified official sources. We do not provide any advice to visa applicants therefore don’t fall under the remit of OISC regulations.

The Seller set up process on Help with my visa! is a ‘done-for-you’ service designed to be as light-touch as possible.

You can start the process by expressing an interest in joining, either by completing this short application form or if you’ve already subscribed to our mailing list, simply reply to any email to ask about joining.

We’ve found that at this point, most immigration advisers have a lot of questions so we recommend setting up a 30-minute call with you to discuss how Help with my visa! works, to run through the set up process, explain the fee and payment processes, highlight the marketing and automation benefits you receive and answer any other questions you may have.

There’s still no obligation to join Help with my visa! but this could be the most valuable 30-minutes of your time you spend to effortlessly grow your business.

If you decide to join us, we’ll need you to confirm which services you wish to offer for sale through Help with my visa! as well as your fee scale or price list. We’ll then set up a sample product page, record a short screen-capture video and talk you through what we’ve done and where you have the option to request changes to the set up.

Once we have the green light from you, we’ll then build out the rest of your service offerings and agree a launch date with you.

Depending upon the quantity and type of services you wish to offer, if we already offer those services through another Seller we can usually set up 20 products for you within 3-4 working days.

If you’d like to offer services that are new to Help with my visa! the set up process takes a little longer as these product pages need to be fully created from scratch. We’ll let you know how long it’s likely to take once we have agreed what the offering looks like.

While the product set up is underway, we’ll ask you to complete a final piece of paperwork with us by signing a Seller Agreement, which codifies how we work together. The Seller Agreement is issued for e-signature, meaning you can review and sign it digitally from your laptop or even mobile phone.

Finally, we’ll agree a launch date with you and a marketing plan, and on that date you’ll go live on Help with my visa!

Within certain guidelines, yes you can.

Product pages follow a best practice structure so that they act as standalone sales pages – that’s why they’re so detailed.

Basically, if anyone landed on a product page and saw nothing else on Help with my visa! we want them to have enough information and narrative to be convinced this service is for them.

We also want to uphold high quality standards in terms of well written copy, high quality and impactful images and ease of navigation.

Elements of the product page where you can include your own copy or images include:

  • Short product description (appears above the fold under the product title)
  • Hero image (appears above the fold at the top-left side of the page)
  • Your company description
  • Your social proof

If you’d simply like to swap out your hero image for a different picture, please contact us and we’ll send you a link to a high quality photo stock library we subscribe to. You can then select an image that you like, send us the link and we’ll swap it out.

You can also suggest changes to the following product page elements that we will consider within the context of how the change impact the user experience and product page design:

  • Product title
  • Why someone would use this service (the first section of the product description)

Changes to process steps can be changed only if your customer journey differs from what’s used by default (e.g. if you offer a service to accompany a customer to a visa application centre.)

Payments and refunds

There are two reasons why you see a ‘from’ in front of the immigration advice price:

  1. Number of people using the service: virtually all immigration advice services can be bought for one or more people. The ‘from’ figure you see is the base cost for one person; adding additional people to the service will increase this base cost
  2. Circumstances: some immigration advice services differ in price based upon your circumstances, so the ‘from’ price is the lower of the applicable base prices. If this applies to you, you need to make sure you buy the right immigration advice service otherwise your immigration adviser will ask you to pay an additional fee to make up the difference, which may delay getting you the help you need

Your payment includes all services outlined in the Service Description section of the item you wish to purchase. 

The payment include the following elements:

  • Cost of the immigration advice service purchased from the immigration adviser, paid to your chosen immigration adviser
  • A service fee paid to Help with my visa! for provision of the marketplace service

Please note that your payment does not include:

  • the cost of your visa or residency permit
  • any fees for fast-track or expedited processing
  • the Immigration Health Surcharge fee (if this applies to you)
  • third-party fees associated with booking an appointment (e.g. visa application centre service fee)
  • postage costs and insurance (unless otherwise stated in the Service Description)

You’ll need to make several fee payments during your visa application, visa fees being one of them.

You will pay your visa fees (and potentially other fees, see below) either directly to your immigration adviser (who will then make the visa fee payment to the government on your behalf) or you will pay them yourself.

Other fees that you may be required to pay include the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS), visa application centre fees, fast-track visa processing fees, courier fees and any added value service fees you have incurred.

We do not take visa fee or other fee payments on Help with my visa! as your immigration adviser need to assess your application first before confirming exactly what fees are applicable.

The only fees you pay to us on the Help with my visa! website cover the immigration advice fee for the service you receive from the immigration adviser, and the Help with my visa! service fee for using the marketplace service we provide.

You can make a payment on Help with my visa! in three ways:

  • Credit card; or
  • Debit card; or
  • PayPal

Once you’ve selected your product and service – and if offered, chosen an appointment slot – you’ll be taken to the Checkout page where you can review your order.

Once you’re happy, you can make a payment using one of the three methods above.

All payment methods use the latest in cyber security to ensure that your payment is secure.

You have the right to claim a refund and cancel your purchase for any reason providing you do so within 14 calendar days of purchase and that no part of the service you purchased has been fulfilled by your chosen immigration adviser (i.e. you didn’t attend a meeting, call or provide any information to the immigration adviser).

You will be entitled to a full refund of the immigration advice fees paid.

You will not be entitled to a refund of the transaction fee paid to Help with my visa! as the matching service we provide is deemed to have been provided at the point of sale.

If you decide to cancel your purchase after 14 calendar days or you have already met with your immigration adviser or provided information to them, you will not be entitled to a refund of either the immigration advice fees or transaction fee as the service will be deemed as having been fulfilled.

This refund policy does not affect your Statutory Rights.

You can find our more about how to claim a refund and in our Terms and Conditions.

Products and services

A Schengen visa is a short-stay visa that enables the holder to travel freely throughout the 26 Schengen Member States in accordance with the permissions outlined on the visa vignette. 

Citizens of certain countries need to apply for a Schengen visa in advance of travelling to or transit through the Schengen Area.

If you’d like to know more about what is a Schengen visa you can find high-level detail the Schengen Area on Help with my visa! and more information on the official European Commission website.

Help with my visa! is a UK-based company but we have immigration advisers who can provide services to you in the following countries:

  • United Kingdom: we have immigration advisers based in London and Manchester, with all advisers also offering virtual immigration advice services for people based in other parts of the UK
  • Azerbaijan: we have a Baku-based visa services company that offers services to people applying for UK visas
  • Serbia: we have a Belgrade-based visa services company that offers services to people applying for UK visas
  • Rest of the World: our UK-based immigration advisers also offer virtual immigration advice services conducted by telephone or video conference to people applying for UK visa in the rest of the world

We’re looking at opening operations in other countries to expand our immigration adviser network. You can keep in touch of developments by joining our mailing list.

Yes we can!

And it’s a very normal situation to be in if you’re unsure of what kind of visa application you should make – or how to navigate the application process.

If you find yourself in this situation, there are two main ways we can help:

  • Your Ultimate 5-step Guide to Applying for a Visa: download a copy of our free ebook from our homepage to help get you started with your visa application. It contains 58-pages of guidance based on more than 10 years of working with people applying for visas in more than 90 different countries.
  • Visa Consultation: you can speak to a qualified professional immigration adviser to get specific advice on how you should start your visa application, including confirming what type of visa you should apply for. If you still need help, you’ll be able to appoint the immigration adviser to prepare your visa application for you, although there’s no obligation to do so.


Go to the UK Visas section of our website and use the side menu or search bar to find the type of UK visa you need. You can then select a product and service from one of our immigration advisers that best suits your needs.

At this point in time, no, we can’t help you with a Schengen visa application.

However, we are looking to expand our service offerings in the future to include Schengen visa applications so do check back regularly or to keep in touch, you can join our mailing list.

Yes, we can!

Many of the registered immigration advisers, solicitors and visa service companies we work with offer visa consultations, which are short introductory sessions that let you find out exactly what type of visa you should apply for.

These sessions vary in length but are typically up to 1-hour in duration and are conducted by telephone or video conference.

You can search the UK visa consultation services we offer here.

Yes you can!

Some of our immigration advisers offer virtual advice services using video conference, telephone and email and can help people in different countries apply for a UK Visitor visa. You can check this by reading the Product Description to find out more about the delivery methods offered.

As Help with my visa! expands internationally we’ll also start to offer more options in the countries we operate. You can keep in touch with our progress by joining our mailing list.

What we do

Help with my visa! is a digital marketplace for buying and selling immigration advice services.

We connect people looking for help making a visa application with registered immigration advisers who will guide them through the process.

Help with my visa! is a trading name of Souter Point Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales under company number 09871760 that was established in 2015. 

Souter Point provides a range of services to governments and businesses including consulting and advisory services, product management, bid management and project management. Clients include UK Visas & Immigration, Sopra Steria, Capita, Partners Group and Cinven.

You can find out more about Help with my visa! CEO and Souter Point Managing Director Gareth Richards by visiting our ‘Meet the Team‘ page.

No, and as a marketplace that only markets immigration advice services on behalf of registered immigration advisers, Help with my visa! doesn’t need to be.

The OISC Code of Conduct is very clear on this point, and as immigration advisers aren’t paying for any customer referrals there is no conflict of interest.

Furthermore, Help with my visa! only provides publicly-available guidance to users with links back to verified official sources. We do not provide any advice to visa applicants therefore don’t fall under the remit of OISC regulations.

We’re a digital marketplace that lets people buy immigration advice and visa services from vetted professionals who provide these services.

Here’s how it works.

Immigration Advisers

If you’re an immigration adviser, you can register as a Seller on Help with my visa! and we’ll market your products and services through our marketplace, letting customers buy from you online any time of the day or night and on any device. 

To get started, you complete a short registration form and we’ll then be in touch to guide you through the setup process. 

This setup includes a vetting process (Experian credit check and OISC or SRA registration check if you’re based in the UK), confirming which products/ services you wish to sell and at what price and setting up the appointment booking system if you’d like to use it. 

We’ll also send you a Seller Agreement for e-signature, collect your payment details for fee remittance (bank details and/ or PayPal account details) and agree a launch date with you. 

Then you’re good to go!

Visa Applicants

If you’re looking for help making your visa application you can book an appointment with a registered immigration adviser who will guide you through the entire process. With the Full Service package your chosen immigration adviser will:

  • confirm you’re eligible for and applying in the right application category
  • tell you what documents you need to provide (and what they need to contain)
  • complete the visa application form for you
  • tell you the total fees payable and what options you have for fast-track applications or other value-added services
  • submit your visa application for you and if needed, book an appointment for you to provide your biometric data at a visa application centre
  • deal with any correspondence from the government and provide you with status updates upon request
  • collect your passport at the end of the process and give it back to you (if you had to submit your passport as part of the application process)
Visa applicants can buy this service and schedule an appointment through Help with my visa! at any time of the day or night and on any device. 
Just search for the country you need a visa for and choose the visa type that best suits your situation.

Select an immigration adviser from the list of Seller who provide services for your application type and review their offering, including checking any reviews from actual customers.

When you’re happy with your chosen immigration adviser, enter the number of people who are applying with you and select a date and time for your initial consultation.

You can then make a payment using either a credit or debit card or PayPal, and we’ll automatically email you and your adviser confirmation as well as sending you an invoice.

You then attend your appointment and your immigration adviser takes it from there.

We’re a digital marketplace, which means we make money through several different, interrelated channels.

The majority of our revenue comes from a service fee we charge customers and Sellers when buying immigration advice services listed on the marketplace. This fee – which people told us they’d be happy to pay when we asked them in our research – covers the running and investment in growth of the Help with my visa! marketplace. 

We are also looking at more ways to create value for our users so it’s likely the range of ways we make money will evolve as the marketplace grows, but to begin with the primary way is through that service fee.

There will be no doubt more revenue streams we bring online as we grow – we already have several initiatives in the pipeline – and as we bring more value to more people we’ll also make sure we review fees across our portfolio to ensure our partners, Sellers and customers are not paying more than they should.

No, we don’t provide immigration advice services directly, we only facilitate the matching of people searching for help making a visa application with registered immigration advisers (‘Sellers’) authorised to provide these services. 

The information we provide on this website is based on publicly-available information with links back to official sources where appropriate, such as government websites. We provide guidance on the visa application process but cannot advise on what type of visa application to make or the documentation requirements, which are competencies only registered immigration advisers possess. 

Yes… and no. It depends upon what your interpretation of ‘help’ is.

If you’re qualified to make a visa application and need help preparing it, then yes we can absolutely help you.

We do this by connecting you with professional immigration advisers who will take you through every step of the process, complete your visa application form, scan/ upload your supporting documents (if needed) and answer all of your questions.

If you simply want a visa to come to another country, then it’s highly unlikely we’ll be able to help you. We cannot help create situations that magically make you qualified for a visa – you’re either qualify based on the rules, or you’re not.

We offer a lot of ebooks and tools on our website in the blog section that you can use to assess how you qualify for a visa, so do check them out if you’re stuck.

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