Get the latest COVID-19 visa application centre re-opening information

Visa application centres around the world are now slowly starting to reopen. Governments and visa application centre operators are publishing daily updates and we’re pulling that information together so you can see the status of COVID-19 visa application centre re-openings for major visa issuing countries around the world.

Click on a visa issuing country below to see the latest published information from official sources. We’re updating these details daily as soon as they become public. 

Appointment availability


Appointment availability at visa application centres will be in very high demand.

Most visa application centres are giving priority bookings to people who had their original appointments cancelled due to the COVID-19 visa application centre lockdown, so it may still be a few weeks before new customers can book appointments.

Social distancing measures are also in place, so visa application centre capacity will also be significantly reduced, putting further pressure on appointment availability.

You should look to prepare your visa application well in advance so you have all your forms and supporting documents ready to go for when you get an appointment, especially if you need specific documents from a third-party (e.g. translations, official documents, etc.)

Social distancing

covid-19 visa

Like most other businesses, visa application centres will have social distancing measures in place.

These measure will not only restrict the capacity of the visa application centre but may also require you to wear a face covering, such as a mask.

You might find that you’re asked to maintain a different distance from your fellow visa applicants than is normal is your country – this is due to some visa application centres having to apply destination country social distancing metrics.

Most visa application centres only permit visa applicants and required companions under normal circumstances, but this rule is likely to be more strictly enforced due to the coronavirus situation. So please, if you don’t need to attend a visa application centre, don’t travel there.

Anyone applying for a visa in a vulnerable category or who has been shielding should carefully read the visa application centre guidelines to make sure they don’t put themselves in any unnecessary danger.

International travel restrictions

travel restrictions

Even though you may now be able to apply for a visa it still doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to travel.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) publishes updates to COVID-19 travel restrictions by the hour. You should check this information before making travel plans – particularly if you need to book a travel ticket or hotel to submit with your visa application – and we’d strongly recommend you also check both your own government’s and your destination government’s published information on travel restrictions to be sure you can travel as intended.

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