In this episode of the Help with my visa! Podcast we talk to Jeremy Arnold about how his organisation, Mudrā Services, successfully helps UK visa applicants through their biometric enrolment appointments at UK Visas and Citizenship Application Centres (UKVCAS).

Having been in the business since 2003, Jeremy and his team have helped more than 22,000 people as they renew or switch their UK visas. 

Mudrā Services has historically provided this support service by working with major UK-based immigration law firms but is now evolving its service offering to work directly with the public.

On the podcast, Jeremy tells us what you can expect at a UKVCAS service centre during the biometric enrolment process, as well as how Mudrā Services is expanding its service offerings to immigration law firms.

Jeremy Arnold, Co-founder and Managing Director at Mudrā Services

The biometric enrolment appointment is one of the more ‘mysterious’ stages of the UK visa application process. There’s little information online explaining what happens at a visa application centre – known as UKVCAS service centres in the UK – and as this is the last opportunity you as a visa applicant have to change something before finalising your visa application, it can be a rather nerve-wracking experience.

Since 2003, Jeremey Arnold and his team have helped more than 22,000 UK visa applicants at their biometric enrolment appointment. When you use the biometric appointment assistance services provided by Mudrā Services, you’re 100% taken care of both before and during your UKVCAS service centre visit.

A member of Jeremy’s team will call you before your UKVCAS appointment and run through what you can expect on the day. They’ll also give you clear directions to the UKVCAS service centre, as many are tucked away in quiet areas of public libraries and aren’t so easy to find.

And the last thing you want after having gone through all the hassle of booking an appointment is to be turned away for arriving late!

On the day of your appointment, the team member you spoke with previously will meet you outside the UKVCAS service centre. They’ll check through any documents you need to submit, and then accompany you through your appointment.

If you’re asked any questions you’re unsure about – or if anything doesn’t go to plan during your appointment – the Mudrā Services staff member can jump right in to help you. 

You’ll probably go through the UKVCAS process once every 2-3 years, but Mudrā Services help thousands of people each year, so they’ve pretty much seen it all. The biometric appointment assistance service gives absolute peace of mind that your UK visa application was made properly, so there’s no need to worry while UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) makes a decision.

Working with 75+ major immigration law firms

The biometric appointment assistance service – which you can buy through Help with my visa! – is the most visible part of what Mudrā Services does, but it isn’t the only thing.

As Jeremy explains on the podcast, Mudrā Services has historically worked directly with major immigration law firms in the UK – over 75 in total – where the company provides a range of administrative services.

Top immigration lawyers are expensive, so law firms want to make sure these highly skilled and qualified lawyers spend their time on work that adds the greatest value. 

However, there are many aspects of an immigration lawyer’s job that don’t need such experienced personnel to do them, and this is where Mudrā Services comes in.

Mudrā Services acts as an extension of the immigration law firm’s practice by providing administrative support across a range of activities, from locum paralegals through to the customer services professionals who assist visa applicants at their biometric enrolment appointment.

The cyclical nature of UK visa demand means that immigration law firms get busier at certain times of the year than at others. So being able to call-up additional skilled support from Mudrā Services when needed gives them a flexible and cost-effective way of staffing up to meet this demand.

Jeremy covers the biometric enrolment process in more detail on the podcast, as well as the range of services his company provides to immigration law firms. You can watch the podcast on our YouTube channel or listen to an audio version on our Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify channels. Don’t forget to like, rate and subscribe so that you’re notified when the next episode goes live.

If you’d like to use Mudrā Services at your next UKVCAS service centre appointment you can click on one of the links below to find out more and book the service through Help with my visa!.

Meanwhile, if you’re an immigration law firm and would like to know more about how Mudrā Services can support you, you can contact Jeremy directly through the Mudrā Services website.

Biometric Appointment In-person Assistance

Services INSIDE London

Biometric Appointment In-person Assistance

Services OUTSIDE London
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