We started Help with my visa! with a simple idea: that people want to be sure that their visa applications are correct but that they’re unsure of where to turn to for the right assistance. They wanted to ‘beat the bureaucracy’.

We also thought that people want an entirely digital experience when applying for help with their visa, not ringing around during office hours to perhaps, maybe, get the guidance they need. 

Thirdly, we believed that when it comes to activities like applying for visas, people would be willing to pay a little more for the convenience and peace of mind that comes with getting the right help. 

And here we are 🙂

What the people said

When we asked the public what words sprung to mind when applying for a visa we saw the same kind of responses coming up again and again.




In fact a common theme was the amount of bureaucracy you needed to navigate to not just apply for a visa, but to apply for a visa with the comfort of knowing you’ve done it correctly.

Which brought us nicely to the second theme that stood out – people wanted trusted help when applying for a visa but didn’t know where they could find it.

Indeed, a whopping 80% of survey respondents said they were either unclear or had no idea where to turn to for trusted help when making a visa application. With almost 2,000 registered immigration advisors in the UK (where we are based), that figure illustrated something was desperately wrong with the way people search for and buy help when applying for a visa.

And finally, over 75% of our survey respondents said they’d be willing to pay a premium for the help when applying for a visa. So there seemed to be a business opportunity in there somewhere too!

These results were validation enough that something should be done to address the challenges people are having when making a visa application.

Drawing on our decade of experience in the visa business globally and success in growing digital businesses, we have launched Help with my visa!

Help with my visa!

Help with my visa! does three things:

  1. Single marketplace: we’re a one-stop-shop for searching and comparing immigration advice services from a broad range of vetted Sellers. Kind of like an Airbnb for getting help with applying for a visa or residency permit where third-parties offer their services through our website, you complete your purchase with us and we pass on your details to your chosen Seller, who provides the help you need.
  2. Trusted Sellers: applying for visas and residency permits isn’t cheap and getting qualified help can also be pricey. Help with my visa! vets all Sellers regularly to ensure their business is sound and their registrations are up-to-date. With a customer feedback system embedded into our website, you can also see how others have faired when using our Sellers so you can make an informed choice about the quality of a service before you buy.
  3. Buy help 24/7: we offer an entirely digital service, letting you search for, compare and buy the help you need whenever it suits you. No need to ring around for quotes or send a load of details into a ‘black hole’ email or web form. You get the help you need secured there and then and our Sellers follow up with you the next business day.

Where do we go from here?

Help with my visa! is a technology start-up and while we think we’ve found a service that will be valuable to visa applicants and our Sellers alike, we want to make sure we’re doing the best we can. We’ll be expanding throughout the UK, adding more Sellers to our website to give visa applicants greater choice in making an informed decision about accessing the help they need. We’re also looking at innovative ways of attracting more visa applicants to our site, so you may see us popping up in the kind of places people looking for visa and residency permit assistance visit. As for further down the line, certainly if we can prove our service has real-world value, taking Help with my visa! international is a logical future step.

Thanks for your interest in our services, and do check back often as we will be providing updates and blog posts on a variety of topics in the coming weeks and months.

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