Applying for a visa is a real pain.

It’s complicated, bureaucratic and those supporting document instructions may as well be written in Martian for all the sense they make.

And even the easiest of visa applications can take hours of your time.

So why not get someone else to do all the work for you?

You may be familiar with ‘immigration advisors’, professionals who can prepare the whole visa application for you, but you might not have considered the full range of benefits they offer.

So here are 4 massive reasons to use an immigration advisor to prepare your visa application.

Reason #1 You’re unsure where to start

Because the visa application process is so complicated and poorly explained you get stuck before you’ve even started.

Maybe you’re not sure which visa application form you need to use.

Or the supporting document requirements are very unclear for your situation.

And do you really have to use this ‘visa application centre’?

If this is you, then appointing an immigration advisor to handle your visa application is a perfect choice.

Your immigration advisor will take down all the information they need from you during an initial consultation, and then tell you exactly what they need from you.

From there, they’ll fill out the (correct!) visa application form for you, make sure your supporting documents meet the visa requirements for your situation and handle all of your questions about costs, process and timelines. 

If you’re unsure where to begin, an immigration advisor is invaluable as they plan out and do your entire visa application for you.

how to start a visa application

Reason #2 You don’t have time

visa application too busy

We’re not going to sugarcoat this, applying for a visa takes a lot of your time.

For example, just filling out a UK visa application form can take more than an hour – and that’s when you’ve got everything you need right in front of you.

So if you’re swamped at work preparing for your business trip, or you’ve got a hectic family life and can’t stand the thought of hours in front of the computer late at night after the kids have gone to bed, you can use an immigration adviser to make the best use of your time.

An immigration advisor will need up to an hour of your time upfront during an initial consultation, and then they pretty much take over. 

You’ll get a checklist of supporting documents and information to provide to them, so you don’t need to spend hours trying to interpret requirements. Your immigration advisor tells you exactly what each document needs to contain so you can prepare efficiently.

And because your immigration advisor will fill out your visa application form, organises your supporting documents ready for submission (including scanning and uploading them where needed), your initial consultation will be the most productive hour of your time you spend in the whole visa application process.

Reason #3 You need a visa fast

We all need to change plans from time to time and if you need a visa to travel somewhere at short notice, you need a visa service that can work to your timelines. 

The same goes for when a current visa is due to expire, as maybe you left it just a little too late to apply and now due to some other unexpected circumstance you need that renewal to go through quickly.

When you use an immigration advisor to prepare your visa application you can benefit from up to two ways they can speed up the process.

Firstly, they get straight to the point with you so you know precisely what you need to prepare. They also take over the visa application process and can swiftly navigate the bureaucracy involved, so your visa application is made as fast as possible.

Some immigration advisors may have access to special fast-track appointments at visa application centres or diplomatic missions that aren’t available to the general public. This means you can skip the general queues and get a visa decision fast – sometimes the next or even same day.

So when you need a visa fast, immigration advisors supercharge the application process and may even be able to get your access to non-public fast-track appointments that can take days off the standard process time.

visa application fast

Reason #4 You need peace of mind

visa application peace of mind

Applying for a visa is a big deal.

After all, you’re not applying for a nice, shiny vignette in your passport.

You’re applying to go on that once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

To travel abroad so you can finalise that business deal.

To study at a world-class university.

Or to start a new life in a different country with those who are closest to you.

You want the whole visa application process to go smoothly and have peace of mind that everything is properly prepared.

After all, the consequences of making a mistake could be disastrous. 

And costly.

So using an immigration advisor gives you peace of mind and reassurance that your visa application is 100% correct. You don’t need to worry about whether you submitted the right supporting documents or used the correct visa application form, your immigration advisor has this all covered for you.

How to appoint an immigration advisor

Hopefully by now you’re sold on the idea of using an immigration advisor, so how do you find one that’s right for you?

There are two ways to do this.

The first is a bit like buying car insurance back in the 1990s… except you’re using a search engine and not the Yellow Pages 🙂

You find a list of immigration advisors (like Googling ’immigration advisers’).

And starting at the top of the page and working your way down, you contact them one by one.

Because very few actually list the prices for their services on their website.

And fewer still give you any sense of appointment availability.

So you pickup the phone and call the first adviser.

After a 20-minute chat giving out all your personal information, you might get a price and some times for an appointment.

But you want to compare that with others to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

So you email the next immigration advisor using their [email protected] email address, and hope they’ll get back to you before you’ve made your decision.

And you repeat this until you’ve lost a whole morning.

And you STILL haven’t got help with your visa application!

visa application


Go to www.helpwithmyvisa.com

Hover over ‘Visa services’ in the menu, and dive right in and use the search functions.

Then choose what type of visa you’re applying for.

And there you go – you’ll instantly get a list of all the immigration advisors who offer services to people like you, including their price.

You can even click on a service to find out more, including appointment availability and customer reviews from third-party sites like TrustPilot.

And when you’re happy with the immigration advisor you’ve found, within just 3 minutes you can have an initial consultation booked and your entire immigration advice service paid for, with tax receipts and appointment booking confirmations sent automatically to you on email.

So take advantage of the massive reasons to use an immigration advisor. 

And get even more out of that service by appointing one through Help with my visa!

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